Friday, 20 October 2017

A Tight Squeeze

Last weekend I was painting...the parents' hallway that is, with Mum's favourite colour: magnolia. I've tried to entice her over to the brighter side, but she's not having any of it. I was surprised when she let me paint my bedroom in ox-blood red when I was in my teens (I was going through a big Victoriana phase), but she gleefully painted it magnolia as soon as I moved out (it took more than two coats to cover the red up though -hee!).

On my way back home I thought I'd make my last ever stop-off at one of Stroud's best antique/collectors shops: The Malthouse Emporium. It was a last visit as the Malt House has been forced to close trading for good from its current premises in Stroud, which has disappointed/angered a lot of The Malt House's traders and customers (read more here: here). However, all's not lost as it still has its Tewkesbury branch.

Little did I expect that I'd be coming home with this...

At home
 ...yes it was a true impulse buy! Heart ruled over head.

In The Malt House
I did check that the dresser's measurements would fit into the alcove, which was the only place where it could live in the kitchen. Yes, it all looked fine on paper, but back home it was a different matter.

We had to take the skirting board off, hack an inch or so from the chimney breast...and then I realised that when I was measuring I didn't take into account the width of the architrave at the top of the dresser (sigh). So, we had to take off the architrave side strips and cut off a bit at the front to fit it in! Not what I wanted, but I've kept them and can easily fit them back on if needed at a later date.

I've been having fun filling it up with stuff. My cookery books conveniently fit into the two big drawers...

...and I've been adding to the shelves... minimalism in our gaff!


  1. What a wonderful piece of furniture, and I love how you've filled the shelves. I think I recognize the little animal from one of your B/W photographs on Facebook ;-) No minimalism here at Dove Cottage either, although we now have a strict ban on more furniture. We once bought a cupboard we knew the perfect place for, only to find that it didn't fit, so we had to change the whole room's layout ... xxx

  2. What a fantastic piece of furniture, its gorgeous. Love your china especially blue and white spot.

    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  3. It looks perfect in the alcove! Love how you've filled the shelves.

  4. The Malt House has just been on the Antiques Roadtrip, what a shame it's closed down. it looked incredible and the prices seemed very fair, too!
    I love your dresser, it fits in a treat with the rest of your to-die-for kitchen even if it was a bit of a pallaver to get it in place!
    Hoorah for maximalism and clutter. xxx

  5. What’s minimalism! I absolutely love hoe well it fits into the alcove, the ‘adjustments’ would never be known without you telling us... it was obviously meant to be xx

  6. That is a nice dresser - it fits into the alcove so well, no-one will notice you've removed bits. We have a cabinet slotted into an alcove where we had to remove the skirting board.

    Sounds like the bloke who owns the lease where the Malt House is has been morally reprehensible.

  7. What I beautiful dresser! I was just thinking it was made to fit that spot perfectly, then continued reading.... oh dear. It was worth all the tinkering to fit it in though.

    I also had a spur of the moment furniture purchase earlier in the year - a short vintage kitchen larder. In yellow! I still haven't found a permanent home for it though and it currently resides (empty) in my bedroom. Annoying but ultimately I knew it needed to come home with me!


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