Thursday, 27 April 2017

Old Things Redisovered

I was having a clear out of our shed and found two stained glass panels that I made about twelve years ago and had forgotten about. I used to be really into this and even made some window panels for our house, but lead and unborn babies don't mix, so I gave it up when I discovered Monkeychild was on the way and haven't touched my soldering iron since. However, after finding these I think I should pick it up again.

I repainted the wooden frame around the fish panel and hung this and other one on some tree branches in the orchard; its like like having an outdoors gallery.

When Husband was clearing out our former next door neighbour's shed for them he found an old washstand complete with its marble top. As our neighbours had said that we could have whatever we wanted from the shed, these came back with us.

As you can see the wash stand looked very shabby - no wonder after living in the shed for fifty-odd years! 

After a sand-down, I reached for my faithful standby: garden paint and gave it a few coats of purple paint and the change is totally satisfying.

I've been sloshing the paint around quite a bit recently as we decided to turn our tatty summerhouse into a temporary office space for me, whilst our new neighbours' builders renovate their house. Needless to write, that these works are rather  noisy and not ideal when trying to write reports and the like.

So - cue more garden paint and me painting the inside of the summerhouse ; it took a whole weekend to do - longer than I'd anticipated!

Afterwards came the best bit - kitting it out with all the essentials: desk and chair, retro kitchen cupboard and cooker. Luckily, I didn't have to buy anything new, just took a few things from the house and in doing so, made more space!

Its really made a difference, as I can now make a brew when I'm in the garden and also have the perfect writing space - all for the price of a large tin of paint and a few hours work.

During my shed clear out I also found a(nother!) washstand that I brought years ago and had the brainwave to put it on the decking next to the summerhouse, so I now have somewhere to wash my hands after gardening and before I brew up! 


  1. Oh Wow! Love those glass panels, and the violet washstand its gorgeous. The summer house looks homely.

    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. Oh yes! Defo get the soldering iron out again, lovely. They are fabulous. I love stained glass hanging in trees. You may have to create a sculpture park...well, orchard. Fabulous makeover on the wash stand too; what a transformation as is the summerhouse.

  3. Wow! I love your stained glass panels. I bet they look fabulous hanging in the trees. Your little hidey hole for writing looks really cosy! Love the purple paint too.

  4. You really ought to give the stained glass making another go, you've got a serious amount of talent there, Mrs!!
    I love what you've done to the washstand, what a fab shade of purple. The summerhouse looks ace, you'll be in there forever, especially with that view. xxx

  5. You should definitely pick up making stained glass again. Those panels are beautiful! I love the outdoor gallery idea, and the colour you picked for that washstand is fantastic. I wish I had a summer house like that, maybe we should make a start by clearing our very cluttered shed! xxx

  6. Love the glass. Just looked at some of your older blogs. The vintage knitting made me feel very nostalgic. Really enjoyed all your blogs.

  7. You should definitely start doing stained glass again, those panels are beautiful. Your reworked washstand looks ace too - well done for rescuing it and giving it a new lease of life. I envy you your summerhouse.

  8. Yes pick up your soldering iron again, your stained glass panels are superb and what a lovely way to display them! Your wash stand and summerhouse makeovers are brilliant , it's so satisfying to revive old stuff isn't it?.

  9. I love the fish panel! The wash stand looks fab after is overhaul.


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