Wednesday, 27 January 2016

I've Taken the Pledge of Sewing Allegiance

Its that time of year to take the pledge...

...why, the Vintage Sewing Pattern Pledge for 2016 of course as kindly run by both Marie at and Kerry at

I was absolutely awful last year at keeping my pledge of making three items from vintage patterns and only made one shift dress using my favourite 'Vogue' pattern. What a failure!

So this year I'm going to re-pledge that I, The Vintage Knitter, pledge to make at least three garments using vintage sewing patterns.

I intend to keep to my 2016 Pattern Pledge starting off with Monkeychild's 'Alice in Wonderland' dress based on this 1972 'Simplicity' pattern:

Feel free to name and shame me if I don't keep to this year's Pledge!

Happy sewing everyone.


  1. Do you know what I remember my friend making that dress in needlework lesson when we were at school.......
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  2. Yay! I hadn't seen that the pledge was on again! I so wanted to do it last year and am not really sure I should this year - time just runs out so fast! But I will look forward to seeing all the wonderful sewing.

    1. Go one and join us, Jayne - you can pledge just one item :-D

  3. I daren't join in with any such thing, the jamas I started Las year are only half finished, as I can't figure out the pattern for the bloomers :(

  4. I'm going to join as well! Hopefully this year you will be able to sew those vintage patterns!

  5. Glad to have you joining us, Liza. I love that Vogue pattern

  6. That shift dress is amazing though! I want to sew a bit more this year but I tend to do it better in short bursts and I gotta find some time to get started!

  7. I have a pile of vintage patterns which I can't part with because the dresses are so lovely. Perhaps I should tackle one of them this year.

  8. I am going to join you too!! good luck - I think I may need some... xx

  9. Good luck! Needles and I aren't happy with each other since my son brought home 9 scouts badges which needed attaching to his uniform. They should make them do their bloody sewing badge first!

  10. I must join in! This looks like great fun. Must get the mending pile sorted first though! xxx


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