Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Knit Wit: Am I Mad?

I think its quite fair (groan) to say that I have grown to love Fair Isle. 

From my first foray with the beret nightmare through to the Just William pullover and my recent cardigan from a few posts ago, I've started to enjoy following the patterns and choosing my own colour combos. Heck, I'm even designing a pair of patterned wrist-warmers and am currently knitting up the prototype pair. But what I'm thinking of doing next is madness in my mind, considering my slow knitting pace.

I'm planning to re-write a pattern from the 1920s for a Fair Isle coat and knit it up. Its the cream one on the bottom right of the below cover.


I'd love to have an original copy of the above booklet just for the full-length coat alone, but luckily my chosen pattern has been digitised and saved here, as published in The Australasian, May 31 1924.

As the newspaper print is tiny and still annoying to read even when blown-up, I will re-write the pattern. I'll re-do the charts too, but it looks like its a straightforward pattern repeat so hopefully there'll be no unwelcome surprises.

As for colour, the original pattern uses 'putty', 'blue' and cherry'. However, I'm more swayed by the colours used in the full length coat, so am thinking about black, red, teal and either green or yellow. 

Am I mad?

Will I finish it?

Will the finished coat even suit me?

Who knows, but I'm hoping it'll be a fun project to have a go at and will keep me busy over winter, spring, summer, autumn....


  1. I'm sure it will look just great but I have to say that my eye was drawn to the full length coat. I bet it's warm.

  2. Wow - that's quite a project! I'm sure it will be stunning when finished. Good luck!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. That full length coat is the best knitted thing I've ever seen. I vote you do that one! xx

  4. Wow, that is going to be a big endeavor!! I have only done one small fair isle project and felt like I was choking on all the extra strands of yarn. I really should try it again now that I have many more years of knitting experience. One day...... I look forward to seeing your progress through such a big project.

    She Knits in Pearls

  5. Oh, gorgeous coat! If you'd been doing the full-length one I'd say definitely mad, but a jacket looks more do-able.

    Fair Isle is addictive, isn't it? After finishing my cardigan I swore never again, and then my next project was... a Fair Isle tank top.

  6. No, you're not mad, just very dedicated! That pattern is fabulous - 1924? It's the same age as my mum! xxx

  7. Gorgeous coat! That is a BIG project!! Good luck and can't wait to hear more about your progress.

  8. Thanks very much to the link to the 'Jazz Knitting' pattern in the Australian archive. That's a really useful source - I'm particularly interested in 1920s Fair Isle patterns just now, and I didn't think to look in Australia!


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