Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Moving On

Last week Mum and Dad moved out of their house, which they've lived in for the past sixteen years. Although it wasn't my childhood home and I only lived there for a few months in between house moves in the late 1990s, I was a bit sad to say goodbye to it. 

I decided to take some video footage and also photos to remind me of the stunning views that they enjoyed across the valley:

Another aspect of the moving process was having to shift lots of my stuff back home with me that I had stashed away in my parents' cellar over the years instead of moving it all from house to house.

Things like childhood books...

piles of albums..

...and singles too.

I also brought back with me two stone statues that Dad rescued from a Victorian monastery that was being demolished in the early 1970s. He was helping out with the demolition and remembers seeing painted wall panels being ripped out and put on a bonfire and other statues being thrown aside to be crushed into hardcore rubble. It was a shame that he didn't have the opportunity to save more things. 

He's passed onto me a few more things that he rescued, but I've always loved these statues.

The Madonna and Child is quite large and heavy as its carved from stone and has found a new home in our front room; much better than being hidden away in the cellar.

The other Madonna statue is slightly smaller and is placed above the stairs.

Moving has been quite stressful for Mum although I wasn't prepared for when she told me that she had carted all her sewing patterns off to the local RSPCA charity shop! I was gutted, especially as they included all the 1970s ones that she used to make me clothes when I was little and also dresses for Monkeychild like the one below:

But guess what I did today?

Yes - I went to the charity shop and brought them all back! Fortunately they were still there and I recognised them straight away. 

Now that was lucky!


  1. That was lucky to find the patterns still there. Still the charity shop prospered too. My mum did the same thing with me and a few things I wanted, but I wasn't able to make the rescue. I love those stone statues they are absolutely fabulous!
    Julie xxxx

  2. I hope they didn't cost you too much? What beautiful statues, how lucky that they were saved by your dad.

  3. Great that you were able to rescue the patterns! And I love the statues:)

  4. Oh, how lucky to be able to get the patterns back! And look at all the other amazing treasures you've reclaimed. Those statues really are splendid.

  5. What are you like? That's hilarious, so glad the patterns were still there.
    Loving the religious statuettes. The Tide is High sleeve takes me back to my 13th birthday, I demanded Mum bought me an olive green satin jumpsuit from Bus Stop so I could look like Debbie Harry. xxx

  6. Do you know, I think I might have had to do the same thing with the patterns!
    Those statues are beautiful, so glad your dad saved them, although the destruction of the other artifacts makes me shudder.
    Vinyl was such a big part of my teenage life, buying an album was a huge investment and I pored over the sleeve notes and artwork as though they were religious texts! xxx

  7. Oh I could weep at the thought of things getting burned and smashed up, how lovely are the statues that were saved? Haha I would have done the same with those patterns!

  8. I'd have done exactly the same thing with the patterns! Those statues are fabulous. Good job they were rescued and are now at yours. I do love a religious statue. You have my singles collection there! Actually, you don't as I arsed mine off over the years-expect Kate of course. I haven't hear Marillion on over 20 years! And is that Susan Thingy with Itsy and Bitsy I spy?! xx

  9. Well done getting the patterns back! I moved house recently myself - so stressful. At one point, I would have happily thrown everything away!


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