Wednesday, 11 March 2015

'Style Me Vintage - Home': Book Review

My opportunity to review Style Me Vintage - Home came about one evening after tweeting with its author and "mega enthusiastic" doyenne of all things vintage: Keeley Harris. Soon after, a copy of the highly anticipated book found its way into my hands and I settled down with a cup ('Gaydon Melmex' natch!) of tea and a quiet corner to read it.

Style Me Vintage - Home is the latest addition to the lavishly illustrated Style Me Vintage series published by Pavilion Books. As previous editions have mostly covered vintage fashion and styling, a book on homewares, period d├ęcor and display is particularly welcome.

Photos taken from Style Me Vintage - Home

Covering the 1920s through to the 1970s, Style Me Vintage - Home showcases individual homes that have evolved to reflect their owners' favourite decades; whether its a faithfully recreated a period home or contemporary styled with retro. It also discusses the key elements that make up a decade's look and how to translate this into your own home. The photo of the super 1970s bathroom with its Ali-Baba laundry basket and carpet up the side of the bath brought back childhood memories - all it needs to complete the scene are a couple of of 'Matey' bubble-bath and 'Vosene' shampoo bottles on the side next to the plants! 

Photo from Style Me Vintage - Home

I have to admit that I used this book like a vintage homewares 'I-Spy' book as I found myself going "I've got that...and that..." or "I'd love that...I wish I had brought one of those now..", and I think that many vintage homeware nuts out there will be doing the same. Also if your childhood coincided with one of the decades featured, the book is likely to bring back some fond memories.

For me, the detailed focus on homewares is a great addition as this aspect often gets left out of vintage-themed lifestyle books. Here Keeley has chosen key pieces that really typify each of the featured decades from literally A(rt Deco) to Z(ambesi coffee pot by 'Midwinter'). The book also includes a whole host of colourful photos of crockery by manufacturers such as 'Hornsea', 'Meakin' and even my favourite: 'Woods' Beryl Ware. These are pieces that every vintage collector/hoarder/enthusiast will have chanced upon at some point.

Photos taken from Style Me Vintage - Home

One of the best things is about the book is that it shows that you don't have to throw money at a room in order to achieve an interpretation of vintage style or an interior from a specific decade. Its the details that count such as the 1970s flowery bedding, 1960s psychedelic wallpaper or an exotic Chalkware lamp-stand from the 1950s; all things that can be easily found if you're prepared to look in the right places. In fact, many of these frequently crop up in the blogs of all you charity shop and boot sale scavengers out there!  However, for those uninitiated in the joys of the hunt but eager to join in, Keeley also includes a 'Where to Buy' section, whilst there's a list of suppliers at the back of the book for those who prefer to indulge in a bit of online vintage shopping (and who doesn't ?). 

This compact book is crammed full with Keeley's vast knowledge of vintage collectables and styling, and is supplemented with gorgeous photography that has inspired me to make a few changes display-wise in the VK household. Yet what also attracts me about Style Me Vintage - Home is that its written for people like you and me for whom vintage is a way of life, not just a passing phase.


  1. Keeley's a regular at Vintage Village and she was signing them on Sunday. She really knows her stuff and her stock is incredible. x

  2. The photos in the book look great, and yes, it makes a change for home wares to be the focus rather than clothes. But Keeley missed a trick by not including Vix and Jon's house! xxx

    1. I have to agree with you there about Vix and Jon's

  3. Looks like a really good book. My parents have a great 1970s photo of my older brother as a toddler standing with his head poking out of the bathroom's ali baba basket!


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