Saturday, 14 February 2015

In Vogue #vintagepledge

Firstly, thanks to Marie at A Stitching Odyssey and Kerry at Kestrel Makes for organising this year's Vintage Sewing Pattern Pledge. I duly signed up and pledged three makes a few weeks ago and have finished my first already!

I thought that I'd revisit my 1970s Vogue 'Very Easy' shift dress pattern that I used last year as I found it pretty straightforward to make and the purple dress has become one of my firm favorites. 

I had some quirky turquoise fabric with a Parisian theme in my stash that I brought last year at Fabric Land in Bristol for £3.69 a metre, which I thought was very reasonable. Unfortunately, the photographs have given the fabric a blue colour when its actually a turquoise-green.

As you can see there's not much to the pattern; just the front, back, inner neck facing, sleeve and pockets (how I love pockets!). 

The main changes that I made to this second version was to resize the the front and back darts so that the dress fitted a bit more snugly and also the same with the neckline darts at the back as I found that the neck on my original version gaped too much.

I also increased the 'puffiness' at the sleeve heads too, although you can't really see this on the below photo:

I really do love this pattern as the dress is so easy to make and very wearable. I have tried wearing it with a belt like its supposed to be worn on the packet, but prefer to wear it loose. 

And for my next make? I'm not sure yet. I brought another '70s pattern off Etsy which is a maxi dress that calls for a lightweight fabric like Crepe de Chine, but I need to find the right fabric and one that's not too expensive. I'd best start searching...


  1. That is gorgeous, lovely. I do like that pattern a lot and that fabric is delicious. Looks fab on.xx

  2. I love your dress, the fabric is amazing and you suit the colour. Fab!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. It's lovely and the fabric is just perfect.

  4. Patch pockets are so 1970's aren't they? Love both the design and the ace fabric of your frock.

  5. That's a fab frock, I love the fabric and the cool pattern. And is that a 1960-70 stainless steel pendant I spy? I have a mini collection of those, can't resist them! xxx

  6. What a lovely dress! That fabric is fab x

  7. I'm going to have to keep my eyes peeled for that pattern, its a beauty! Love the fit and the fabric choice on your gorgeous self, too! x

  8. A lovely dress, great fabric and it looks so comfy and wearable. Gotta love pockets! I'll pin this to the Pinterest board for the Vintage Pledge

  9. What a great, little dress pattern. Lovely fit and fabric choice and those massive pockets are the business!


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