Sunday, 1 February 2015

Fortuitous Finds

On Friday morning Gilly and I had a long-overdue catch-up over coffee (her) and tea (me) in a super new cafĂ© that's opened in town. One of its walls is covered with prints by Vladimir Tretchikoff and his like, which look stunning all hung together; it didn't occur to me to take a photo of it at the time - doh! 

Afterwards we had a mooch around a vintage clothing shop, oohing and ahhing over the jewellery and in particular the Astrakhan coats, which were way out of our price range. We then popped into a charity shop a few doors up and as I was looking through the coat rail I saw a hint of Astrakhan. This turned out to be a 1960s three-quarter length coat made from black and green speckled wool and trimmed with an Astrakhan collar. I couldn't see a label so it might be home-made, but it fitted Gilly a treat and she happily paid a bargainous tenner for it - a fraction of what a similar coat would have probably cost in the vintage shop. 

As for me, I had my own little find yesterday when I brought this Blue Bird toffee tin to add to my tin collection. A few years ago I did a series of posts about the manufacturers behind the tins I had collected and included one about Blue Bird.

I haven't seen this particular design before and love the golden bird silhouettes and the cherry blossoms set against the ruby-red colour. 

Last year my neighbour gave me another slightly larger Blue Bird tin that had been living in her uncle's derelict shed. Its had lost its lid and the inside was a bit rusty (a few coats of Hammerite sorted this out), but it still has its paper label for 'liquorice rolls' at '8d a quarter'.

I can remember when sweets were still sold as a quarter - I'm showing my age now!


  1. I'm sure I used to ask for a quarter of cherry lips, people don't know way that is now! Great finds :)

  2. What a pretty tin! I seem to recall asking for 8oz of sweeties in the paper shop :)

  3. I'd adore an Astrakhan coat, I did see one in a charity shop one but it was huge otherwise I'd have pounced.
    Lovely tins....I do like a bit of vintage advertising.

  4. Although I can appreciate a lovely vintage shop, nothing beats the thrill of stumbling across some vintage treasure in a charity shop, does it?! Love a bit of Astrakhan too.
    Gorgeous tins. Melanie must have had more pocket money than me, I only ever bought a quarter! xxx

  5. A quarter of strawberry sherbets, please... I love the fact that one can find vintage clothes in charity shops if one is lucky -- and sharp-eyed.

  6. Round here in the land that time forgot we can still get quarters of sweets!
    Lovely tins and the coat sounds gorgeous. I lived in my Astrakan in the 1980s! x

  7. Oooh I do love a vintage tin. They just don't make 'em like that any more. We have a posh/retro sweet shop in Winchester and I always ask for a quarter of whatever it is...usually Strawberry Bob Bons...and matey behind the counter always corrects me, tells me that it doesn't exist anymore and I always glaze over.
    Good price for an Astrakan coat. What would that be in a vintage shop?xx

  8. Gotta love a vintage tin. It was your serious on vintage tins that first brought me to your blog. Great price for the Astrakan coat; love charity shops! :o)


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