Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Decades of Stitches

Over the past couple of months my Stitchery Archive has been supplemented with a host of needlework ephemera that spans the 1910s through to the 1960s - all thanks to a wide variety of charity and junk/collectibles shops.

The earliest magazines comprise Weldons, Needle & Home and Fancy Needlework Illustrated that date from the 1910s and are filled with some fascinating advertising images:

I love her hair

Then we head off to the 1920s, '30s, '40s and '50s with a selection of more Fancy Needlework Illustrated (these have some stunning colourful covers), Good Needlework and Knitting, Stitchcraft, Bestway, etc. 

And finally, here's a whole cache of knitting patterns; the majority found on a charity shop browse whilst I was driving around the Forest of Dean. I think one knitter was particularly keen on her Fair Isle:


I really love the thrill of the hunt when looking out for these, especially when I come across a stash of patterns hidden under a load of '80s and '90s stuff that doesn't appeal to me at all. But what is really special is when I find something totally unexpected between the pages of a book or magazine, like this printed tapestry canvas dated '1930' for an evening bag that I found wrapped in waxed paper and slipped between the pages of a copy of Fancy Needlework Illustrated. 

That made my day!


  1. What an absolutely fabulous collection and that little 'extra' is lovely! Suzy x

  2. I hope you are going to make up the bag!

  3. What a collection! I'm a sucker for a vintage advert. x

  4. With all the collection you have, don't you think some of them would make a fantastic vintage book...?

    1. Hee! Yes, I've been pushing for that one....I hope my publisher sees your comment!

  5. I just love the images from vintage adverts and patterns, they are so charming. The Brighteye lady look like a Mucha painting. Those Fair Isle hats are fantastic, and the photo of the nurse with the baby made me smile! xxxx

  6. Good haul! Those needlework mags look especially nice.

    I have a 1930s bag thing too - it's a cutwork one, though, not tapestry - and have never dared to make it up in case I spoil it!

  7. These are the kind of charity shop finds that I dream of. You must have been so excited to get hold of them all. So much choice. I love finding old patterns and magazines. The hat in the Bestway lumber jacket pattern looks lovely.


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