Monday, 20 October 2014

For the Love of Shoes

I had a rare double-take moment when I saw these 1960s shoes in a bric-a-brac shop a fortnight ago. This pair isn't typical of the usual vintage footwear that I normally come across; hence the double-take! It was the eighteenth-century-style paste decoration on the shoes' vamps that first drew my attention, and then I noticed the name: Charles Jourdan. 

I quickly nabbed them off the shelf and tried them on; they fitted perfectly, even gaining a compliment from a fellow shopper. So I now know that my size 5/6 feet will fit a vintage 7B! What also makes them special is that they came with the original shoe box and that this shoe was called: "Baroque Noailles' and cost £14'3'6d in old money.

I have to admit too, that I brought them very cheaply considering their quality.

So, guess what I did at the weekend? I went back to the shop on the off-chance and brought yet another pair of 1960s Charles Jordans:   

I reckon these must have come from the same owner as the black pair, who obviously had an impeccable taste in shoes. Actually - if these are typical of her footwear, imagine what her clothes must have been like?!

These lace-up ghillie-style shoe are also 7Bs and came with their box too. I love the logo of the bewigged footman kneeling down and holding up a cushion with a shoe on it - very Cinderella!

When I went to pay for these silver beauties the woman at the till remembered me from last time and I got them for a bargain price too! 

I shall be wearing both pairs (not at once!) when I get a chance and after the heels have been replaced - they deserve to be shown off and not hidden away!


  1. Oh my goodness, aren't they gorgeous? Both pairs, but especially the black ones. And at a good price and in their original boxes, how fantastic. I have a pair of Charles Jourdan espadrilles but they rub, so I think I might have to sell them... xxx

  2. What an amazing find, well done you. So glad you got them and not some dealer.

  3. They really are incredible, what an amazing find! So lucky that they are your size, too. I found a pair of Miss Holmes velvet and rhinestone pilgrims in my local BHF a couple of weeks ago and I just couldn't prise my hooves! xxx

  4. Wow, those are super fancy! A great fined, I hope you will enjoy wearing them. I've never bought vintage shoes but I have size 7-8 feet so I don't even really look, reasoning that there won't be any in my size.

  5. What fantastic finds! They're in beautiful condition. Can't believe they came in in their original boxes too! Hope you have many happy years wearing them.

  6. They are GORGEOUS, especially the silver ones. Just think how fabulous the clothes these were worn with must have been!

  7. Absolutely gorgeous, especially those black ones.

  8. I love them both ... so there are still some decent finds to be had at the chazzers?!

  9. Amazing find! for goodness sake go back and ask your new found friend if there are any clothes that came in with the shoes, or is that being greedy?

  10. Brilliant find! Those are lovely.

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  12. Ooh lovely, the silver ones are especially gorgeous :)

  13. oh my god lucky you too find two pair of treasures at the same place! i love them both! maybe if they are from the same owner the lady brings more shoes there you have to go back every once in a while!


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