Thursday, 4 September 2014

A Slice of Gnome Life

I like gnomes and I like cake so I thought I'd combine 'em both in a post!

The assortment of camp/evil looking gnomes above are modelling my latest crop of beetroot - of varying sizes. This is my fault as I didn't thin them out properly, but I'll know for next time (or year). 

So what did I make with them? Well, I decided to use my tried and tested recipe for beetroot brownies taken from BBC Good Food, which is always a lunchbox favourite for Monkeychild. Its really simple and quick to make; although washing and peeling the beetroot is a bit messy, so out come the disposable gloves to avoid the red-stained hand effect.

And here is the final result - minus a few slices that were 'Quality Checked'!

As for the gnomes, I've always liked them in the garden. Not the plastic brightly-coloured modern variety, but the old terracotta or concrete ones with their flaking and weathered paint that evoke a nostalgia for gardens of long ago.

When I was a child in the early 1970s, I was fascinated by one particular garden I used to walk past on the way back from school. It had the full complement of gnomes, obligatory three foot tall windmill and flamingos that looked like they had been out in the sun too long. This lovely (and I don't mean lovely in the sarcastic sense either) group was artistically set out amid a stripey manicured lawn, which was obviously the owner's pride and joy. Back at home we only had one gnome much to my disappointment, sitting in solitude in the middle of the lawn. Luckily he went with us when we moved to our next house and he is still with me today, looking very faded but much loved...


  1. My grandparents had the gnome in the centre of top picture. One day his head got knocked off in one of those 'comedy' like moments! Not sure what happened to him after that, perhaps he went of the great gnome place in the sky.
    Julie xxxx

  2. I love them when they're old and battered, there's a headless Edwardian one lurking somewhere in the undergrowth round ours!
    Beetroot's great in cakes. Even haters can't taste it. x

  3. Those beetroot brownies look excellent, and Ol' Blue Eyes the gnome is rather a cutie! xxx


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