Thursday, 17 July 2014

Pause: Rewind

Its been nearly a month since I last blogged hence the 'Pause' in the title, but I finally completed Monkeychild's playsuit ready in time for her early birthday party last Sunday.

I used a retro sewing pattern and some very funky fabric from eBay liberally scattered with cassettes and yes, I had to explain to Monkeychild what cassettes were and the fun that I used to have making up mix tapes for my friends.

It was a very straightforward pattern and the only mod that I made was to add a belt-loop to the back. As you can see, Monkeychild was working a very 1980s retro look and getting ready to paaartay!!!

Jumpsuit: made by Mum, belt: eBay, gloves: Blue Banana, Nail polish: Barry M, loom band bracelet: model's own!

So what's next? Well instead of making something from the large stash of patterns that I brought last month, I'm making this dress from a 1970s pattern I brought off etsy:

Fellow blogger and mate, Gilly B, recommended Fabric Land in Bristol to me, so I checked it out and found this plum-coloured fabric with turquoise birds on it for a reasonable £3.69 a metre. Its a shift-style dress with darts, which is meant to be worn with a belt. I really like the large scoop-neck and its got large patch-pockets too - gotta have pockets! I've already made good progress with it so far, so hopefully it won't take me too long to finish.


  1. Monkeychild looks amazing in her 1980s-tastic playsuit! that's such a coincidence, we had a 1970s stacking cassette tape dispenser on our stall the other week and Dads kept having to explain what tapes were to some distinctly underwhelmed children.
    Love the fabric with the birds and the pattern, too. x

  2. Should look good - as does Monkeychild's outfit.
    Love from Mum

  3. That dress pattern is adorable - love the fabric selection too - can't wait to see the finished make. :)

  4. Love that cassette fabric and Monkeychild looks fabulous. Looking forward to seeing the dress - gorgeous fabric and I like the look of the pattern especially the bit that says "very easy." xx

  5. Fabbo playsuit, especially the fabric, I saw a bloke with a cassette tattooed on his leg last week. I love the 70's pattern with the groovy pockets, I don't think I would find it 'very easy' though.

  6. That dress pattern looks fab, and your choice of fabric is lovely. Can't wait to see it!

  7. I love that! Inspires me to get sewing again ASAP!


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