Sunday, 23 March 2014

Boot-iful Boot Sale

Monkeychild and I got up early today for our first boot sale of the year... can see that she's raring to go..or perhaps not!

Anyway, by now you'll probably have guessed that the above boots were the best buy of the day. I love boots and these two are smashers. The green boots are suede with leather and sheepskin trims; they've even got a lovely lacing detail at the back, Yet, one of the best things about them apart from how great they look is the Utility CC41 label inside each boot:

However, they don't fit my hooves, so I am gutted! But fortunately the black ones fit perfectly. Unlike the others these aren't CC41; although they're Clarks and even came with the original box minus the lid:

Its funny really as back in January this year Her Vintage Life Magazine printed an article of mine about CC41 clothes and in it I wrote some words that turned out to be rather prophetic..

...spooky eh?

And the boots aren't the only Utility that I brought today, as I also chanced upon this small Spode Utility teapot:

Its actually light green not blue!
These teapots are reputed to be excellent pourers, with their non-drip spouts and self-locking lids. I have yet to try this out for myself, but will do so later this afternoon whilst watching 'The Railway Children' DVD with Monkeychild.


  1. Ooh Liza ,
    what wonderful finds , i do adore the green booties ,, i fear a swap in the not so distant future !!
    We also went to a car boot sale here today up in the welsh mountain ,, 4 flipping cars , my only good buys were some lp's and singles , got 12" i will survive and a few other good ones , having a boogie as i type
    Love Rachel xx

    1. They are stunners aren't they? I'm hoping that my luck will hold out a boot sales for a while yet!

  2. Wow! What incredible boots! I do love unearthing a Utility label. xxx

    1. Its not very often I unearth this label nowadays, so I was well chuffed!

  3. Wow what an ace find. I've never found a utility label yet, maybe one day....

  4. Wow! Lucky you
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  5. So hard to find cozy, comfortable boots. Those are perfection! :D

  6. I love those CC41 boots! What an incredible find :-)


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