Friday, 13 December 2013

Charity Shop Delights Up North!

I thought I’d drop by and give you all the gossip on my recent charity shops buys. During this year, I haven’t had many of what I would call outstanding finds but on a trip to Preston the other weekend I found myself in charity shop bliss!

Most of the charity shops in Preston have had re-vamps Mary Portas-style, which means clothes are now tidily and colour coordinated displayed on rails and the habitat of jumbled racks and shelves favoured by the seasoned vintage-hunter, are now starting to get few and far between….alas! However, there are still shops that at first glance look tatty and piled full of stuff and these as we all know are where the bargains can still be found. 

It was in one such shop squashed amongst other clothes on a rail that I came across this late ‘50s/early ‘60s tailored blue wool Harella jacket complete with big, chunky buttons and an astrakhan collar. I tried it on and to my delight found that it fitted a treat; it also has one of my favourite elements: bracelet sleeves. By complete chance in yet another charity shop just down the road I found a pair of ‘60s black nylon gloves, which will perfectly complement the jacket. Although I find that these type of gloves aren’t good for driving the Moggy in as they have virtually no grip on the steering wheel – and believe me, gloves are essential when driving Little Archie during the winter months!

 Now I was on a chazza shop roll and was searching through those rails faster than an amphetamine fuelled squirrel in a bag of nuts! But I was stopped in my tracks by a dark-haired beauty who I knew would be coming home with me…..

As soon as I saw her I was immediately reminded of a photo of my Mum in her early twenties – I think it’s the hairstyle and exotic Mediterranean looks (my Mum is Maltese) that did it.  The picture is now hanging up in pride of place on the chimney-breast in the kitchen; actually this location was suggested by Husband, which surprised me as he’s not usually known for his love of kitsch. Perhaps my taste in interior d├ęcor is finally starting to rub off on him after eleven years of living together!

I also brought some unused, crisply folded sea-side souvenir tablecloths that look to date from the 1960s; one even has the original paper label still attached. I’m not sure whether to use these for their original purpose or to re-fashion them into something else. Hmmm…could make some summer tops for Monkeychild perhaps?

Now, coats are one garment that I’m not short of in my winter wardrobe. These range from a black furry 1950s shawl-collared number brought in the early 1990s from the long-gone and sadly-missed Kensington Market, to some Welsh tapestry wool ones. However, I couldn't pass up on this 1960s Weatherall furry coat with its cheerful bright orangey-red lining, when I found it in one of my local charity shop haunts a couple of weeks ago. Since having it dry cleaned (my dry cleaner has been getting a good trade from me recently!) I’ve been wearing it constantly - it’s fast becoming my winter staple.


  1. What fab finds! the Harella jacket is a beauty and so's the gypsy miss. I'm not surprised your husband likes her, look at that figure! My purple cape is a Wetherall, that coat looks equally fab. xxx

  2. oh my goodness, they are amazing finds, the coats are amazing and your Mediterranean Miss, I have such a thing for tea towels too x x x

  3. Thar blue jacket and gloves will look amazing on - what a find:) x

  4. Lovely finds. My neighbour had that picture when I was growing up and I really wanted it to hang in my bedroom! Gorgeous jacket, fab shape.xx

  5. Ooh, I was so excited when I saw the painting you found! My grandmother had this painting above her fireplace when I was a little girl, I can remember thinking how beautiful she looked. What a lovely find.

  6. Very envious of the tea towel finds, what great colour and condition the jacket is in as well.

  7. You hit gold with the jacket, it is beautiful! I love the print too. xo


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