Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Ways with Wrapping Paper No: 4

If you're a regular reader of these here pages, you'll be aware that I love the creative possibilities that wrapping paper offers. I find it very hard to resist a paper with a heavy, textured feel to it and of course...a wonderful eye-catching design.

I found the above 1930s style paper in a giftshop in Nailsworth and was attracted to it straight away. I love the vibrant colours and the stylised trees and timber-framed houses; I wonder if this paper has been printed from an original barkcloth or cretonne design?

As I was looking at it an idea sprang to mind: I could paper the inside of my Easiwork cupboard with it!

So, armed with two rolls of said wrapping paper and some PVA glue, I made a start on it the other weekend. It was a bit tricky matching up the pattern in places - as you can see from the above photo, but I don't think it looks too bad.

And here's the final result...

...although I have to admit that the cupboard doesn't look this tidy now!


  1. What a fab cupboard - I do love you cups and saucers - I have crockery envy:)

    1. Thanks Daffy :-) The cupboard is probably my favourite piece of furniture, but unfortunately my crockery collection has outgrown it!

  2. It's just the job. I wish my cupboards were as tidy!
    Love from Mum

  3. That's perfect, so 1930s looking and brilliantly vibrant! x

  4. Oh I love you crockery such a beautiful mixture, me and H were at KK at Exmouth yesturday wanted to have a look at charity shops but didn't have time apart from we quickly nipped into bookshop. H got complete set Shakespeare plays for £2!!

  5. The cupboard looks fab - that paper was a very good find. I agree that it does look a lot like a fabric design.

  6. That does look most delicious - good for you
    Best wishes


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