Monday, 8 July 2013

A Muster of Moggies

I'm finally back online after a spell of  sporadic internet connection due to our temperamental wireless router dropping out and staying off whenever it decided to. Anyway, it looks like everything technical has been resolved so I'm able to blog now and back in touch with the online world. Hurrah!

Its been a few weeks since we went to the Morris Minor Owners Club's  Morris Centenary rally at Cornbury in Oxforshire, but I thought I'd share some photos of our visit.

Where did I park the car?

In the run up to the rally I had spent a couple of weekends sanding down and respraying Archie's rear wings and tarting him up generally. The day before  the rally  I did all the final little tweaks; washing, t-cutting and waxing his paintwork, polishing the chrome and even painting the tyres with special black tyre paint. Afterwards, my Archie looked stunning (as long as you didn't look too closely at his paintwork or rusty patches!).

As soon as we arrived at Cornbury on the Saturday morning  Monkeychild and I parked up Archie amongst his Moggy counterparts, whilst Husband headed towards the campsite to put up the tent.  Our first stop was the auto jumble where I found a boot-lid and chrome hinges to replace Archie's manky ones and other bits and bobs for servicing, such as plugs, leads, gaskets and filters. Not only do I love jumble sales, but auto jumbles too because you can pick up some great bargains- just like village hall jumble sales!

Then - after our second ice cream stop of the day- we had a look around all the car stands where there was virtually every variation of Morris present. Some people had even driven their cars over from abroad just to visit the rally; now that's dedication for you.

Here are a couple of photos (edited somewhat otherwise I'll bore you to tears!) of the cars that really stood out for me ...

Lilac loveliness ( and a good film too!)

Flower powered maroon Moggy - gorgeous!

We had a brilliant weekend - everyone was friendly and even the evening disco turned out to be fun with a decent live band; Monkeychild and I couldn't help but strut our funky stuff, later chilling out and observing some classic examples of Dad Dancing!

I was sorry to leave on Sunday after we had packed up the tent and made a final circuit of the stands. Hopefully next year we'll make it to some more Moggy rallies and have just as much fun.


  1. Oh I do love Moggy's - I'd have been in heaven with all of those :)

    A friends Mum had one when we were growing up - a convertible - we spent many happy hours being taken places in the summer hols. She still has it and it gets used in the good weather and I smile everytime I see it as it brings back happy memories. Btw its been owned by the same family since new!!

  2. Oh what an amazing array of lovely vintage loveliness!

  3. Would have loved to have seen all of them
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  4. Jon loves an auto jumble, too - I swaer we could rebuild a league of V Dubs with his collection!
    Loving the Moggies, my Mum used to have one in the Eighties! xxx

  5. Looks like a great day.
    Love from Mum

  6. Sounds like you had a really good time. Love the pics. I can sympathise re the random internet. We are suffering the same thing - it's driving me crazy! xx

  7. I'm usually not that fussed with the colour lilac, but now I'm seriously coveting that lilac Morris!

  8. Oh, how cool! I'm really impressed that you can do so much car maintenance too.

  9. How lovely - the is something soooo appealing about a Morry. One of my sisters still has her Morris that she bought in 1980'ish! It smells like no other car I think!
    BEst wishes

  10. I love the post! So great:)


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