Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Best (boot sale) foot forward

I paid my first visit of the year to a car boot sale on Sunday with my Dad in tow; it was a lovely sunny morning and a very busy one too. As usual, Dad and I went our separate ways - he was looking for bedding plants and well, you all know what I was after!

First buy of the day was these Hiltons 1950s lovelies found underneath one of the stalls - and in my size too! They only cost £3 and have hardly been worn. Funny thing was, that when I showed my Mum the shoes she could remember having a similar pair.

From the same stall as the shoes I also brought a pair of seamed stockings still in their packaging (50p) and a silk scarf (£1)...

... these pieces were supplemented by a pair of pigs-skin gloves from another stall (£1). The morning had started off on an excellent foot so to speak and I reckon that I had luck on my side that day as I zoned in on some more bits and pieces:

Petal Ware cream jug - 50p, ceramic swan - £1, tea towel - 50p and 1940s glass beads - £4
I also brought a fabric bundle for £3; the large 1960s orange floral piece will make an great picnic cloth and will also match my orange Melmex melamine plates and cups.

My final buy at the boot sale was another Just William book; he's one of my literary heroes!

I hope you all had a great weekend too. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for hot sunny weather this weekend as we're going to a Morris Minor rally and a picnic is on the cards!


  1. Oh wow - you really did well! Love the blue jug and the book - fabulous finds.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

    1. Thanks Liz :-) Luckily for me, it seemed that everyone else at the boot sale wasn't interested in those sorts of things.

  2. Great finds. And I love Just William too.

  3. What great finds! My son likes the Just William books. I will keep my fingers crossed for sunshine for you, sounds like a great way to spend a weekend.
    Hen x
    P.S. Thanks so much for your comment.

  4. Wow! You did well.
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  5. Luck you ... I love those shoes! M x

  6. Cripes (is that the sort of thing Just William says?)! You got lucky! The fabric is amazing and the best bargain. Love the shoes and the swan too. Well done you. Hope the weather's good too. xx

  7. That fabric is fabulous and a naff old swan is a must! I used to love those 1950s fabric shoes as a teen. xxx

  8. Love those shoes - and what a bargain!


  9. Yes you did do well... loving the fabric! I've not been to a boots ale yet this year, not been up to it but soon, very soon... Hope I'm lucky too. Cx

  10. Oh "didn't you do we'll!"

    Harry went to same car boot came home with a balacarva which he loved from army stall for £2 he was very happy.

  11. You certainly scored on your first boot sale. I loved the Just William books, too.
    Love from Mum

  12. Just William evokes memories of my best ever teacher. Totally terrified of him, so strict but he was the best.

  13. Just William is Just Awesome. I used to cry with laughter reading those books as a child.

    Shoe WIN!

  14. wow that was really the best find ever. i´m in love with those shoes, they are really fabulous and as i´m a sucker for seamed stockings i´m jelous you found them in the original packaging!
    love and kiss,mary


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