Monday, 29 April 2013

New stitches

I decided to do a charity shop run  early on Saturday morning and in this case the early bird caught a stonkingly juicy worm of the stitching variety...

...a New Home sewing machine for £20! It had been PAT tested, its motor sounded perfect and had all the additional zig-zag, binding and button feet, so I brought it on the spot.When I got it home I noticed that the tension in the stitching was a bit out, so its gone to an excellent local sewing machine shop to have a service. Then it'll hopefully it'll be pedal to the metal! I know it's the second machine I've brought in a year (remember the Singer?), but I have an irrational fear of my machine suddenly breaking down beyond repair whilst I'm sewing something and having no back-up machine at the ready. Nightmare!

As the machine was quite heavy to lug back to Archie and I was itching to have a look around the other charity shops, I left the machine in the shop whilst I had a further mooch about. This turned out to be a good move as I found these patterns to add to my collection at 30p each - bargain!:

I love collecting Stitchcraft magazines, especially those from the 1940s so I couldn't believe my luck when I found this December 1947 issue. It includes a girls' Fair Isle twin set and these knitted boots complete with sash window cord soles, remember - rationing was still taking place so haberdashery materials were scarce. I really like these and might have as go at making a pair.

Finding the Knitting Comforts for Sailors, Soldiers & Airmen booklet was an added bonus. You'll see from the 'Contents' page below the array of knitted items that you could send to a beloved or unknown serviceman. I've also included the pattern for the gloves designed especially for a Gunner.

In the meantime: happy knitting/sewing/charity shop hunting!


  1. Lucky you with the machine and the magazines. Now where do you live..........
    All the charity shops here have cottoned on to the ebay prices of those magazines and sell them between £1 and £3.
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  2. What a find! I'm on the look out for a replacement, too. My cheapo Toyota's great but starting to develop a few quirks. That's a wonderful find at a bargain price.
    Love those Stitchcraft mags, no wonder you were excited! xxx

  3. Such wonderful finds !! I love old knitting magazines too, but they are hard to find here in The Netherlands and when you can find them, they are usually quite expensive !!
    Have a great day.

  4. I love that magazine - what a find.

  5. Fabulous bargain, VK and I really like the knitted boots. xx

  6. Wow aren't you a lucky lady? Obviously saved up some charity shop karma!

    Those patterns are gorgeous - and well done on finding such a thrifty back-up machine :)

  7. Superb find and a total bargain. The magazines are great to and how fascinating are those knitted comforts?xxx

  8. Fab finds! The gloves are freaking me out a bit, though.

  9. Woah! You win at charity shopping for April, I reckon. The machine alone would be a bargain, but the 40's Stitchcraft too - excellent swag!

  10. wow, there's some truly odd but I'm sure helpful knitting patterns there! 30p for the old stitchcraft is a total bargain! And even better is the £20 sewing machine! Gorgeous!

  11. I've got one of those Scotch Wool and Hosiery Stores pattern books and they're great. I wish those shops were still around though, they look to have been all over the high street, back in the day.

  12. hi- just found your blog through...oh I don't really know, two glasses of wine and I seem to be wandering on a trailing thread through blogland and will have to retrace my steps to get home again!
    I also love the wartime patterns, so poignant.


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