Monday, 25 February 2013

On my travels

Its been a month or so since I last did a 'Finds' post and although there haven't been that many, I thought I'd give you an update anyway.

One thing I have been after and have finally found is a vintage woollen picnic rug for Archie the Morris Minor. The label is printed with 'British Made' but with no maker's name, though I reckon that its probably late 50s or early 60s. A few days later I also found these 1960s Shell road maps too, so snaffled them up for 20p each. Although these maps wouldn't be much use now, I brought them to put into Archie's glove-box for future vintage-styling purposes!

Actually, these finds will be useful when we drive Archie to the Morris Minor Owners Club rally celebrating the 100 Years of Morris later this year, as not only will we kitting him out vintage style (as well as me - natch!), but will also be picnicking vintage style too!

Can you see the Morris Minor?
Other buys have included approx 4 metres of 1950/60s dress-making fabric, which is shouting out to be made into a bolero or skirt....

...and printers' tray which once I've filled the spaces with paper, will be attached to Monkeychild's wall for her to fill with her bits and pieces. Apart from the tray being clean (less work for me to do!) it was the attractive cast metal handle that also appealed to me.


  1. Great Maps, and I love the printers tray.
    Will you be travelling this way in the summer.....?
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. Thanks Julie. Hopefully at some point as I love my annual visits to Blue Anchor; shall I email you when I find out? xx

  3. OoH, nice finds VK! Love the copper coloured fabric especially.

  4. Morrises are lovely cars. I hope you have some splendid days out in Archie.

  5. Jon's got a fetish for travel rugs and vintage maps, too! I keep threatening to paper a room with them. Love the painter's tray, it's going to look wonderful! x

  6. OOh great finds... love the fabric make a fab dress... I must be the only person without a printers tray... the person in front of me always buys it! x

  7. Would love to find one of those printers trays - have never seen one ... yet! Love the old maps.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  8. Lucky you finding all this treasure.
    Love from Mum

  9. That's going to look great in Monkeychild's room - lucky girl.

  10. Nice finds! That's a lot of fabric, you can make something great with that I'm sure

  11. Cute printers tray, will be a fun place for Monkeychild's nicknacks when it's finished. Have been absent from blogging for a month so was quickly catching up on your blog... so sorry to hear you had pneumonia! Hope you're feeling better now, be careful. My friend had pneumonia just before christmas and it was so serious she was in hospital for a week. Quite shocking when she initially thought she just had a stubborn flu.

    Thank you for the lovely comment you left on my last post. Don't think I'm cut out for Bake Off though, I would panic to the point I'd probably cut my finger off or set a cake on fire!

  12. Great maps!
    I remember one of those ESSO maps in my father's car


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