Friday, 30 November 2012

Return to Mr Outbuilding 2: The Sequel

I think it was an open secret between us that you and I both knew that I would be heading back to see Mr Outbuilding and his sheds of delight! Managing quite well on his walking sticks after his recent hip op, Mr Outbuilding and I had a chat then he left me alone to mooch around his shelves of utility china, which were somewhat depleted after he sold a lot off at a market a few weeks previously.

 So, I rooted about and found various plates, some Woods Iris cereal bowls, a Woods Jasmine oval gravy dish to match the gravy boat that I brought last time...

...a marshmallow pink beauty of a tureen and matching dessert bowls and plate (J & G Meakin, Glamour Rosa if you're interested)...

...a Grindley's Laburnum Petal side dish and plate...

...and finally a Johnson Bros Greydawn teapot, and wow! Isn't this girl a super tea dribbles at all! She's the perfect teapot!

I just managed to find room for this lot with a bit of shelf and cupboard re-adjustment, so I think that another visit to Mr Outbuilding will have to wait for a while...but hopefully not too long!


  1. Those colours are just gorgeous!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. You said just what I was thinking....yes those dawn teapots do pour perfectly! I have two large and one small Greydawns and they are very high on the "what would I save if the house was burning down" list (after hubby and cat!).

  3. Is it wrong to be lusting after than glorious pink fabric and those divine poodles? x

  4. No Vix - the whole post is a visual feast. Luv-erleee!

  5. This is what collecting is all about - collecting! You'll have to go back for more. More shelves needed I think.
    Love from Mum

  6. What lovely pieces. The frilly edges on the pink Meakin pieces are so pretty. I agree about the greydawn teapot, mine pours beautifully as well. There's a cafe in town which has a greendawn teapot and I keep wanting to steal it!

  7. Gorgeous goodies - I have the teapot - stunning isnt it?! I am very jealous indeed hehe!!! xxx


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