Monday, 8 October 2012

Spools & skeins

I'm trying to be a bit more regular with my postings now as they've been quite haphazard over the past few months what with one thing or another, so many thanks to you all for sticking with me :-D

Now, not much to show you on the finds front really apart from some cotton reels to add to the collection. I'm not very 'precious' about these and do use them if I haven't got the right colour to hand amongst my 'modern' reels, but it's the labels that do attract me and the colour names, especially those Sylko ones.

On my travels recently I also brought a toy pattern, which I'm quite taken with. I really love the cat toy and must pull my finger out to make one soon (amidst all that Christmas knitting that I've got planned - gah!) especially as I've got some great fabric that will suit it a treat.

I also brought some more utility plates, Grindley Petalware side plates this time - for a bargainous 60p and these kitsch poodles. The look on the sitting poodle's face makes me smile as he looks very gimpy and adorable. Thinking about it, I've seen larger ones like these in the form of table-lamps years ago (should have brought 'em then), but they're probably selling for ridiculous prices now.

I'm now going to unashamedly  give a shout out to my lovely friend Sunie who has recently taken over a local yarn shop in Gloucestershire and has given it a complete overhaul and re-named it Bluestocking Wools and Gifts. Although I am biased, it is a brilliant shop and has a great range of wools (including Rowan - hurrah!) and also stocks...wait for cake-stands and brooches! I'll stop waffling on now and show you some photos which shows how lovely the shop looks - it's even got a Victorian lectern for browsing those pattern books on!

If you're ever in the area, drop in and take a look and don't forget to tell Sunie that VK sent you!

And finally....also making their special guest appearance outside the shop the other day were Archie and his new best friend Bridie the Mini...don't they look cute together?!

Can you see another Moggy trying to get in on the act?


  1. OoH, what a smashing looking shop - all the more so for stocking your items! I spy Persephone books too, hoorah. Wishing you lots of sales VK!

    p.s. bargainous - what a fabulous word...

  2. Those poodles are making me green with envy!! I only ever use old thread, the names are just lovely! My favourite is Shrimp! That shop looks fabulous and Bridie and Archie make a smashing pair! x

  3. What a coincidence, I posted about cotton reels and patterns today. Your cake stands look so pretty. I think I had one of those poodles when I was little. My DH used to 'do up' minis in the 70s. I must have had one of every colour plus a super duper black mini cooper.
    Love from Mum

  4. Wow talk about blast from the past... we had that pattern at school! I made the cat, a bright orange one made from felt... made by hand... I gave it to my grandparents as they had an old marmalade tom.
    Not sure which I'd make now all rather sweet...

  5. Gah - you have reminded me that I need some big old spools in my life. To etsy!

  6. Looks like a wonderful shop and you must be so pleased to be selling your cake stands.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  7. That toy pattern is great, would be perfect for gifts or to make and sell.

  8. What a great name for a shop, I love it. Must be quite exciting to see your wares on sale too x

    Faith Hope and Charity Christmas Swap - Sign up now open!

  9. Sorry I've not been visiting lately. I'm snowed under as it were. Still the glimpse of the colourful yarns of wool is sunshine in itself!
    Best wishes to you and yours

  10. Thank you for telling us about your friends new shop, I will try and get there one day!
    Julie xxxxxxxxxxx

    1. oh gosh how adorable is this toypattern ;) and the shop looks soo beautiful darling, if i would live closer i would pay it a visit;)
      wish you a great week darling!
      love and kiss,mary

  11. Those cotton reels really bring back my childhood, playing with my mother's and grandmother's sewing baskets.


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