Tuesday, 2 October 2012


A couple of weeks ago we entered a few bits and pieces into a local fete-style competition; you know the sort of thing...biggest veg, best Victoria sponge etc.

I entered the categories for the best flower display in a teapot, making something out out of recycled material, knitting and needlepoint. I didn't win anything, but Monkeychild came first in her age group for her miniature garden and third for her cupcakes. Mark entered the chickens' speckled brown eggs into the 'Best Eggs' category and not only won first place, but also 'Best in Show' for the home produce category, winning a lovely handmade mug. However, all due credit should really go to the chickens and therefore, their rosette is now pinned into their run (above pecking level!)

Complete with pond, ferns and veg patch with Plasticine fruit & veg!

For my recycled entry, I decided to make a knitting bag out of a Witney blanket, which I dyed purple and felted; keeping the original label to blanket-stitch onto the the completed bag. To make it a bit more colourful, I made a central panel from a 1970s sheet (remember this find?) and covered a large button in the same fabric. Heck, I even sewed the whole thing together on my Singer charity shop buy- how about that for recycling!

And finally...this must be every utility china fan's dream:

...I didn't know where to start - honestly. I couldn't resist buying some Grindleys Peach Petal and Rosedawn, but really think I could have brought a lot more given half the chance!


  1. Well done Monkeychild and the chicks. Good job. I love the bag you made - such a fabulous colour. I remember seeing some pink and blue bowls outside a charity shop going for 20 p each. I bought two of each colour and to this day I'm wondering why oh why I didn't buy the whole damn lot! xx

  2. Congrats to the chooks. Love the bag and choice of colour.

  3. Your bag looks brilliant, you must have been up against some stiff competition not to have been placed. Monkeychild and the chickens did a great job too - the eggs really do look very Nigella organic and I've always loved the miniature garden, I remember entering when I was little. We had a similar local fete recently which we had planned to enter but unfortunately it clashed with a friend's birthday lunch. I can't imagine he'd have been very impressed if we'd cried off to compare jam with elderly church ladies. Oh well, next year.

  4. The little garden is so cute! Love your bag too.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  5. Congratulations to the hens and monkeychild! IYour bag looks great too. Love your fabric choice for the centre panel and the fact you covered your own button. There's something so pretty about covered buttons.

    I also can't believe you were so restrained buying china. That's impressive. I would have wanted to swipe the lot! I actually spotted a *massive* Greydawn serving platter(?) in a charity shop yesterday for £1. Cheap for the size, but I just couldn't see myself using it so left it behind.

  6. Yay! Well done yo you, the chucks and Monkeychild, you family of geniuses! I absolutely love that bag, I've a bin bag full of old blankets crying out for a makeover, fancy giving us a tutorial?xxx

  7. Well done on your prizes.
    I love the bag it is absolutely wonderfu!
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  8. oh my goodness.... a £1 a piece? I think I would have brought the lot!! Love your bag :)

  9. Great post !

    Love your pictures and articles!!

    A blog like this should definitely be followed so here I am :)

    Stop by mine when you have the time!!



    1. Thanks Olivia - I'll check out your blog too

      :-D xxx


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