Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Knitty mitty

I've had a bit of a lull on the knitting front recently, as the mojo fell by the wayside and I've been a tadge slow in picking the sticks back up. I don't know why this happened, probably because there's been so much going on at work and at home that I haven't had time to sit down and have some quiet knitting time (i.e. a couple of hours rather than a couple of minutes).

So to ease me back into things, I've knitted Monkeychild a pair mittens out of some multi-coloured Noro Furin that I had in the stash. These were an easy and quick knit, especially as I used an aran weight yarn. I love the purple, turquoise and pink shades in this yarn, but I did skip the yukky WTF colour that Noro usually have and used two balls instead of one to match up the colours on each mitten.

Well, they've had a thumbs up from their recipient so much so that she's asked me to knit her another pair. A winning result both for her and me as I now know what my next project will be!

BTW - I'm linking this post into Lakota's Ta Dah Tuesday.

P.S. Have just found out that the new series of  The Great British Bake Off is starting tonight - YAY!!!!!


  1. Love the matching Smarties nails too!
    Thanks for the tip off about The Great British Bake Off - double hoorah!

  2. Lovely, lovely, lovely. The mitts and the nails. xx

  3. How gorgeous does Monkeychild look in her mittens and rainbow manicure? Gorgeous, that's what!
    I love those mitts, perfect for clutching a cider on a chilly festival evening! x

  4. What a cutie Monkeychild is! Lovely mitts...I'm feeling autumn coming in the mornings already. xxx

  5. Monkeychild is a doll! When is she starting up her own blog? Love her pose and her nails and of course her clever mama's gloves.

    1. oh my god cuteness overdose;) love that gloves and her rainbowcoloured nails;)


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