Friday, 15 June 2012

Meet the girls...

...there's Tilly & Milly, Warrior Mark II and Hortense.

These are the new additions to the VK household: four Isa Brown hens who are now about 20 weeks old. We've been planning on getting some chickens for years, but finally got round to it this year and I love them to bits.

Unfortunately one of the original hens, Warrior (Husband's choice of name), became egg-bound and she had to be humanely killed because there was nothing that could be done to help her. That was a shame as she was a favourite from the start. Anyway, we now have Warrior Mark II who is such a loveable cheeky bird.

Warrior Mark II

They've all got their own little personalities; Warrior and Hortense are the most friendly and follow me around the garden. I've also taught them a trick called 'Chicken Up' where they perch on my lap to be fed treats. Tilly is not as friendly but soon joins in, whereas Milly has a bad chicken attitude. She's the one that runs away when I'm trying to get her into the run at night.

Bad attitude chicken
Cute fluffy bottoms!
They love a scratch around the garden

The girls are now laying an egg a day each, which is brilliant. They lay lovely brown speckled eggs and its great to be able to use them when cooking.


  1. How cute are your chickens? I love their fluffy bottoms. x

  2. I'd love to have chickens one day! How lovely to have all those fresh eggs too.

  3. That is awesome. I'd like to get a bunch of hens that lay different colored eggs once we get a bigger place.

  4. Egg and Soldiers for tea........?
    Julie xxxxx

  5. I love chickens! I used to keep them years ago, and I long for the day we can have chickens again. They're like little dogs, and totally do have personalities.

  6. Perfect!
    Get that Marmite coated Soldiers and Egg for your breakfasts!

  7. They truely do have the most amazing frilly bottoms which any self-respecting can-can dancer would be proud of!;D

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  9. i've always wanted to keep chickens - how lovely for you! collecting super fresh eggs from your own hens every day must be just wonderful - enjoy!

  10. Oh i love chickens, when i was little we had almost a small farm with chickens, goose, goats and sheeps;) it´s really wonderful now you can enjoy this delicious eggs and you can be sure they are from happy chickens;)

  11. Lovely chucks, you can't beat a nice brown egg.
    Cate x

  12. That is so exciting!! Very lovely chickens :) I want chickens so badly but there is a by-law against them in my town :(

  13. So jealous, I'd love some chickens. Our friends have some battery rescue ones and the boys loved feeding and egg collecting. One day!

  14. Very jealous of your lovely new Chickens, they are adorable, I'd loved to have some one day, though I do fear I would drive my self and my other half completely crazy with my constant renditions of the "lay a little egg for me" song :)

  15. Aww what adorable chickens! And how lucky to have fresh eggs.



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