Saturday, 12 May 2012

Lucky finds: knit, stitch and woven

Net cape from Sept. 1942 copy of Stitchcraft

I was all smiles this morning when I found this knitting and stitching hoard in my local charity shop. They had just opened and I was one of the first through the door, which was quite lucky as I reckon they would have been snapped up by another eagle eyed crafter later on in the day.


As I scanned through them, I thought they were mostly patterns from the 50s and 60s mixed in with a Woman's Weekly from 1958, a Simplicity sewing book from 1972 and a Vogue Knitting from the early 50s, but snucked in between these I found three copies of Stitchcraft magazine from the 1940s...oh joy!

Unfortunately the December 1943 copy has lost its cover, but the other two are in excellent condition. I love the fair isle cardigan on the 1942 cover and am thinking that this could be a winter knit, but changing the colours used to a charcoal gray with a plummy-red. What made the find even sweeter was when I took my bundle up to the till and was charged 30p for each pattern and magazine - including the Stitchcrafts! One of the women serving muttered that these shouldn't have been put out as "they're old"...yup, I know!

I have yet to read the magazines fully, but have had a brief flick through and found some great pictures and ads to share with you...

Aren't these models the epitome of effortless chic? Looking through the 1950s magazines, what really catches my eye is the size of the models' waists - they're tiny! It's all down to 'roll-ons' says my Mum, who had an identical figure herself in the 50s and rocked some really wicked looking stilettos.

We've all had days when the knitting/sewing just isn't working out (that's why I brought the Simplicity book - its brilliant for sewing know-how) and I was heartened to see the word 'confusion' written on the page of a dress pattern. It looks like the previous owner of this magazine just couldn't get to grips with making the skirt; I wonder if she did manage to finish it in the end?

This page is taken from one of the Stitchcrafts and features 'Potato Pete' and and an ad about how to get a woollen frock without using those all important coupons...

I like this feature caption with advice from the 'Man-Who-Sees'; who knows, I might need his sage advice when Husband retires and is 'underfoot all day'!

And's something I found yesterday whilst mooching about a charity furniture store with a friend: a1960s Lloyd Loom blanket box. I've been keeping an eye out for one for ages as I thought it would make an excellent toy box. I was really lucky to chance upon this as it's in excellent nick (I don't even have to re-paint it!) and even the cover on the seat doesn't need replacing. All I had to do was give it a clean and re-stick the fringing in places. What's doubly cool though, is that it matches the laundry box that I brought last year for Monkeychild's bedroom.


  1. What a SUPERB haul VK! Absoloutely love the Lloyd Loom box - what a truely lucky find. Cor. I must get up earlier at the weekend! ;D

  2. You did well on the knitting magazines!
    What is it about those fashions?
    Julie xxxxxx

  3. Fantastic finds!
    But now I'm worried about my spare pints of liver bile - are the pills still available do you think?

  4. Wowza what treasure you found... thank goodness the patterns weren't thrown away!! love the blanket box...

  5. Great finds especially the Lloyd loom bedding box - it looks brand new!
    Love from Mum

  6. What a fabulous collection of patterns! Love the Lloyd loom box too - fantastic find!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  7. Hello! I came to your blog via Ivy Black Chat's blog roll, and loved the images you have posted. I thought, "this is just the girl who will know the answer to my crafty question. Is it possible to dye whites cream coloured?" I know you can dye with tea, but it doesn't give that rich creamy colour I am looking for.

    I do knit (quite a lot, actually) especially since joining a knitting group. Lots of chat, some knitting, lots of ripping out of mistakes when we get home! I did knit Gorgeous Husband a pair of socks which I wrote about on my blog: It was a bit of a saga!

    Rosemary from

    1. Sorry its taken me a while to get back to you Rosemary, but I reckon you could use Dylon to change the fabric from white to cream, although it does depend on the type of fabric you're using. Good luck with the dyeing!

  8. Such a great haul! I love looking at the ads at the back - I've been wanting to wake up my liver bile...

  9. Such a great haul! I love looking at the ads at the back - I've been wanting to wake up mu liver bile...

  10. Oh, what a cool haul. If they don't put the Stitchcrafts out it might be worth asking them to hang onto any more for you - otherwise they might be putting them in the bin!

    Those twin sets are fab. I'm on a real twinset kick at the mo...

  11. Fabulous patterns and pics, VK. I always like a good vintage advert too. I totally relate to the person who wrote "confusion" on that pattern.

    Lovely, lovely Lloyd Loom.

  12. What a gorgeous Lloyd Loom, great idea for a toy box!
    I love the vintage patterns and the hilarious magazine adds. That "confusion" scribble sums up how I feel most of the time I'm trying to follow a pattern, too. x

  13. Ooh great stash, it's almost as if they were destined for a blogger known as the vintage knitter...

    Laughing so hard at 'your liver pouring two pints of bile into your bowel a day' - mmm, just what everyone wants to think about!

    Ta-dah! Tuesday tomorrow - link up your amazing makes, fabulous finds and outrageous outfits!

  14. That sheer black hooded cardigan is ADORABLE! =)

  15. oh how great you was one of the first ones who visited that new charity shop so you could grab all this amazing treasures. magazines are really precious, i could find in helsinki some by myself (in german and italian;) well and this pink and black chanel like suit is soooo gorgous!
    oh and today i finished the first dress i made with your patterns, and i really love it, a dress, one of the style patterns, with flared skirt, v-neck and short sleeves. oh i really really love to work with those vintage patterns, it´s like a little adventure, well i think women before were much thinner, i had to change the bodice because first it looked a bit like madonna´s corsage she wore in the 80´s, but i really really loved to use this pattern. thank you so much again for sending them to me darling!

    1. so i posted today the dress i made with your pattern darling;)
      thank you sooooo much!
      love and kiss,mary

  16. Great finds - the patterns and magazines would have been straight into the slightly overpriced 'vintage' section in one of my local shops! Women generally were slimmer anyway in the 50s, but I think it was mostly because the majority wouldn't have dreamed of getting dressed without girdles etc. The LLoyd Loom box is brilliant - obviously meant to be as it matches the other box you have. I sometimes get confused by patterns too, although it's usually the more modern ones as they have too many instructions. I just think 'sod it' and ignore the instructions!


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