Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Pass it on

Yes, this is how I felt today after giving my wardrobes a good clear out!

This was long over due and after deciding to be ruthless, I filled four bin bags with clothes, shoes and bags to take to the charity shop and two bags full up with stuff that was too tatty to pass on, which went into the clothes recycling bin.


  • tidy wardrobes with everything in its place;
  • plenty of room on the rails to see what I've got;
  • shoes and boots all stacked away in their boxes; and (most importantly)
  • space for future purchases!
One thing that I have yet to tackle though are the bags of yarn that I've got squirrelled away in my craft room. I did make an effort to tidy up the stash earlier this year with a box for each type of yarn: 4ply, dk, aran and so on. But I soon got fed up and resulted to storing everything in bags again and pushing them under the table. It was a recent purchase of some multi-coloured yarn for a summer top for Monkeychild that made me think about tackling the stash, however after today's efforts, I think that I deserve a break!



  1. Well done, nothing like a good sort out, and hope you have fun filling the space up with new finds! X

  2. Well done! I love having a sort out and passing things to charity. Mr Y on the other hand normally likes to go through the bags I put out just in case I've disposed of one of his prized, stored in a box, untouched for 10+ years items! (Which I normally have!!) :o) Have fun filling the newly made space!

    1. oh i´m absolutely with you when it comes to fill the space with new stuff but i´m to weak to manage to sort anything out. i´m proud of you darling;)

  3. Would you like to come and help me do mine.........?
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  4. Well done! It takes me ages to get round to having a clear out, but once I do, the feeling is wonderful! Love the yarn - bright and summery!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  5. Ah I love that feeling after having a huge clearout, yay you! :)

  6. It's a good feeling, but this is where all my problems started - I ditched loads of stuff and haven't managed to replenish it all!

  7. There is nothing better than the feeling of accomplishment after a good spring clean! I have been putting aside cleaning out my yarn stash as well. I have 2 68 L bins filled with yarn and yesterday when I was shoveling out the basement I found a large garbage bag full of more!

  8. Oh well done you. I've been hanging all my slothes on the floordrobe because I can't face doing it. In my defence, I have one of those floor to ceiling jobbies that has rickety sliding doors on the front which means I can only ever see a third of my stuff at once. I have pledged to remove those doors and put up a voile curtain instead but I just haven't ... got ...round ... to..it.

  9. Nothing like getting things sorted!

  10. I've felt that way about my wardrobe too!


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