Monday, 2 April 2012

Hello kitty

Here I am back in the blogosphere after having a bit of a break, which explains my lack of comments on all of your lovely blogs. I've got plenty of reading now to catch up on everyone's exploits.

I'm not a cat person, but the green shiny eyes on this little chalk cat caught my attention; it's a vintage holiday souvenir from Barton-on-Sea. Now, I'd never heard of Barton-on-Sea before, so I had to look it up and found that its in Hampshire. A new thing learned!

Brought for a pound the week before my stall at the Bath Road Market, I reckon that this little kitty must have brought me luck on the day at the Market, as my first attempt at a craft fair went better than I had expected. It was quite busy in the morning, but the numbers of shoppers noticeably decreased in the afternoon; in all likelihood due to the unseasonably sunny and warm weather which lured people to the local pubs and street cafes instead of the market. But in all honesty I can't say I blame them for topping up their vitamin D levels!

Also, it was great to meet many of you who follow this blog, so a big THANK YOU to everyone who took the time to drop by to say 'Hello' and wish me luck for the day. That was very much appreciated.

I'll definitely book another stall later on in the year (the preparation for this one was a bit manic, even though I thought I'd planned everything down to the last detail), but I have to admit that its nice to be knitting again without having any time restrictions and have started on a waterfall collar cardie for Monkeychild.

We had a nifty bit of recycling happen last week. Monkeychild's school were giving away some unwanted plan chests, so Husband put his name down for one, but when he went to pick it up he was offered another  as no one had wanted it and it was going to the tip otherwise. So - we've ended up with his n' hers chests!

Ready and waiting

I gave mine a clean and lined the drawers with oddments of wallpaper that I had lying about*.

Nice and colourful
I've stashed away all my fabrics, haberdashery and tapestry wools and also have a decent flat surface to work off as a bonus.

Tidy - but for how long?

* P.S. Here's a VK thrifty tip: Many chain-store d.i.y shops are happy to let you tear off free wallpaper samples from rolls already opened for this purpose, if you ask them first - useful for those little crafty projects!


  1. Your stall looks beautiful, glad it went well. Fab drawers, what a score. I'm sure they'll stay immaculately tidy...won't they?

  2. Your stall looked fabulous VK - fresh & inviting. No wonder you had lots of visitors. I had a little smile when I saw your Blue Bird toffee tin - I have one too which accompanys me on 'stall' days.
    Nice fabric stash too - what a lucky break those drawers were! Must have been the pottery cat's influence again...

    1. oh darling you have some serious gorgous fabrics all those flowers!!!

  3. Fantastic stall and a fantastic way to store all your materials. What a stroke of luck.
    Love from Mum

  4. Excellent place to store your fabric.. and thanks for the tip!!

  5. Love the colour of the cardi and those drawers look very useful.

  6. Ooh, I like your little tip about wallpaper samples and I'm looking forward to seeing this patchwork wall you mentioned recently. Glad you're back btw. xx

  7. That is a VERY exciting stash of fabric. Lovely to see you back in the blogosphere!

  8. Good score on the plan chests - and love how you prettied them up

  9. Welcome back! Good to see you blogging again.


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