Monday, 20 February 2012

On the shelf

I've been suffering a bit last week with a horrible eye infection, which swelled up my right lower eyelid and left it painful even to blink. Anyway, its started to clear itself up, so I'm left with a more 'normal' looking eye and am looking forward to wearing eye make up again  instead of going au naturel!

I haven't brought much chazza shop stuff recently, apart from some clothes for Monkeychild, but I recently picked up these two books which are right up my street:

The Good Housekeeping book dates from the 1950s and is packed with domestic info. I can see why these books were a popular gift for a young bride!I love looking at the  interiors photos like this one; the majority of the furniture, what is now termed as 'mid-century modern', wouldn't look out of place in a magazine such as Home & Antiques or Living etc.

Very much like today's open plan living
It might seem a bit sad, but I even get pleasure out of looking at photos of kitchen furniture too! See this lovely cabinet, wouldn't you like one in your kitchen? I like the willow pattern design on the glass cupboard panels.

I was well chuffed to find this copy of Complete Family Knitting Illustrated. I don't know if I'll actually knit something for myself out of this as I'd have to do some serious pattern re-sizing, but if I did, these cute undies and swim wear would be great (although not practical in the boobage support area!)...

...although I'm tempted to knit these for Monkeychild out of some cotton yarn that I've got in the stash somewhere.

By the way, here's a glimpse of some of the cake stands that I've made so far...

...I'm getting through my china cupboard and its been a bit difficult letting go of some pieces, because of my hoarding nature. However, I've decided that I'm going to keep this plate as I like its shape and simple decoration.

And finally,  did any of you watch last night's Upstairs Downstairs? You can't beat a good period drama on a Sunday evening and I hope it'll be as good as the last series. I reckon it did have shades of Unity Mitford in the storyline though, what do you think?


  1. I've always wanted one of those kitchen larder cabinets - my elderly next door neighbour had one and I liked it. Not sure I have the room now, but it's on my ultimate wishlist!

    Recorded Upstairs, Downstairs so will watch tonight. Your cake stands are looking lovely.

  2. Lakota - I've noticed that a chap down our road has one in his garage - all I need to do is collar him and say that if he's ever thinking of getting rid of it, I know where it'll find a new home!

  3. According to my sister in law, knitted swimwear is a VERY bad idea indeed!!! I love the cake stands and the larder, but I'm not allowed to buy any more china :( Lol! X

  4. Oo I have those books and i too thought the kitchen cabinet was dreamy- i also liked the enamelled top preparation table with a mangle inside- simply spiffy!

    I also agree that there’s positively a whiff of a Mitford in the storyline too- all good stuff for a Sunday night viewing!

    Tupney x

  5. Ouch on your eye and I love your plate stands its something on my list of to dos

  6. I had a knitted red bikini when I was a little girl, I thought I was the ants pants when I wore it. The top didn't stand up to the waves very well though!
    And yes, I would love a kitchen cabinet like the one in the book. Very much. Ditto that mid-century living room. It's awesome.

  7. I had one of those kitchen cabinets. And then I gave it away when we moved to our new house. Why oh why did I do that? Regretting it even now. Gorgeous cake stands.

  8. Hope your eye is getting much better.
    We've got two of those kitchen cabinets - its full of my husband's junk - (oops! wrong word!) Vintage Radio bits!
    Haven't seen Upstairs Downstairs yet, we have recorded it to watch later.
    Julie xxxxxxx

  9. Julie, not one but two cabinets?! I think it must be a man thing using them in garages, sheds etc.!

  10. Sorry about your eye, you poor love.
    Loving that 1950s room set, it looks so clean and contemporary, doesn't it? x

  11. Hope the eye continues to improve. Love your books. It's great looking at the styles of different eras.
    Love from Mum

  12. I love the cupboard with all the enamel cookware on the bottom shelves. I bet quite a few people have recreated that look in the last few years as it has all become fashionable again! Lovely knitting patterns too - I'd be terrified that the swimsuit would stretch in the water and leave me very embarrassed though!!! I like your cake stands too - I've got a few for my stall on Saturday, so I'll let you know how they sell!! XX

  13. I love old books!

    Take care with that eye please, and meantime keep cake 'standing'

  14. What a lovely post! I've been banned from perusing charity shops for fears that I will buy more old books... our house is bursting at the seams! Also, adore the cake stands! (another thing I have run out of kitchen cupboard space for!)


  15. I bought a similar kitchen larder for £30 in a second hand furniture shop before Christmas. I've wanted one for a while so I'm delighted. It's blue and has cowboy stickers on it! Hope your eye clears up soon, that sounds painful.

  16. Nice books - look great for browsing through. I still have to watch the new Upstairs Downstairs, looking forward to it.

  17. My Grandma had one of those cupboards in her kitchen and it was wonderful for storage and the flap-down bit could be used as an extra worktop too, very useful in her tiny galley kitchen. I'd love to have one myself but I never seem to come across anything like it on my thrifting travels.

    Love your cake stands - they look fantastic

  18. Oooooooooo those stands look fab!!!!
    I really wish that I could just go back in time and visit those pictures for a day-I wonder what it would be like???
    Anyway, really hoping the eye is on the mend too;))))
    Best wishes

  19. I have a couple of knitting books which show 'dainty' knitted vests and knickers for teenagers!!!!!! Imagine them wearing patterned vests with shell pattern today, they wear less to go out in in mid winter!

    I also have one of those kitchen cupboards in the garage, rescued from an old house which was being demolished to build a hotel. I just wish it would fit in my kitchen, but have one of those dining/kitchens separated by a 'wall'. Still so long as it is in my garage, it's there if I ever move.

    Love the picture of that room. I remember having one of the first sofas made out of extruded? foam all in one piece, in black 'leather' with buttons, and chrome legs. Also one of those white round tables with aluminium centre leg like are fashionable today (1967),

  20. Thanks everyone for all your comments. Its great to see how popular those kitchen cupboards are and I loved reading all your reminiscences.

  21. Love the cake stands - very very pretty. And the vintage patterns you have found look fab although not sure about the withstanding of water and bra top for the lady:)

    Leah x

  22. The cake stands are fab, well done. A lady came into the auction yesterday with a stack of vintage china.. I told her about the world of vintage tea parties & weddings and she looked at me as if I came from another planet! Lizzie

  23. oh this knitted swim suits look really great and wow the cake stands are sooo beautiful!
    darling i follow you now via bloglovin!

  24. I love those kitchen cabinets, they are so cute! Everytime I see one, I want it!

  25. Yes I really would love one of those kitchen cabinets! I love your china too, don't blame you for hoarding it, it's too nice to keep away from :-)


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