Monday, 6 February 2012

My cup runneth over

Thanks to those of you who have contacted me to say that you haven't been able to leave comments on here  recently; hopefully with the aid of Blogger this has been rectified, but if you're still having problems drop me an email and I'll look into it.

Mucho thanks also goes to Matt at According to Matt  for the Liebster Blog Award that he passed onto me a couple of weeks ago. I recommend checking out Matt's lovely and colourful blog too as its full of crafty delights and the photography is great.

I'm rather overdue with this post as I've been fitting in the knitting as much as I can and so far have finished two child-size berets, although they still need sewing up, buttons attaching and blocking...

...and am currently working on another beret and a child's cardie. However, I've been a bit naughty where yarn is concerned due to getting rather carried away with the stash enhancement - ostensibly for the craft stall knitting. There's so much gorgeous multi-coloured yarn out there that its hard to resist and I've been happily buying on the basis that if I think its lovely so will other folk. However, I've decided that enough is enough and to knit using my recent buys instead of acting like a kid in a sweet shop.

Can you ever have too much yarn?
Righto, back to the knitting in what is a very smoky house, thanks to the wood-burner deciding to belch out copious amounts of smoke when I tried to light it this morning.

Have a good week everyone and I'm trying to catch up with all your blogs so appologies for the lack of comments from me recently.


  1. I'm a bit like you - just love looking at all the lovely shades! The little hats are gorgeous!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. Ah I love multi coloured wool! In fact I havent picked up my needles for weeks, tonight I will for sure, thanks for the inspiration :)

  3. Those berets are just gorgeous, I love those muted shades. I bet Monkeychild is the best hatted child in your area! x

  4. Those berets are gorgeous
    What is the yarn?
    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

  5. Also keen to know what yarn was used for those berets - soooo pretty!
    Ahh stash enhancement... you've inspired me to look at variegated shades now! :)

  6. Thanks for all your comments :-D

    Julie & Knitting Pony, I've used Sirdar's Smiley Stripes for the pink/purple beret and Adriafil's Duo Plus for the pale one.

  7. Gorgeous berets - I love the yarn in the teacup too. So pretty XX

  8. What is that beautiful yarn in the teacup? It just sings of spring.

  9. I love this picture so much that I have put it on my pinterest. Lovely colours.

    I love Matt's blogs it's great.

  10. CarolynJean - the yarn in the teacup is Sirdar's Smiley Stripes DK in the Balihoo colourway

    Textureknit - oooh I've been pinned! Glad you like the photo :-)

  11. Hey im back on the comments! Im pleased blogger sorted it out. You have been busy with the knitting - they are fabulous! Scarlett x

  12. Very pretty basket of yarn - I buy it when it's cheap but not being an avid knitter or crocheter it mainly just sits there 'just in case'! Love the berets.

  13. I love the colours in the teacup photo!
    Hope your week is going well

  14. Multi-coloured wool is my favourite. I bought some from Lidl, of all places, that is for knitting socks. There's enough for two pairs so that's my brother and sis-in-law's presents for Christmas sorted. Because that is actually how long it'll take me lol!

    K xx


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