Monday, 16 January 2012

Dear Editor

Remember the knitted gearstick cover that I made for Archie back in December? Well, I thought I'd send a couple of photos of it into the classic car magazine Practical Classics and guess what? They printed my letter! That was a surprise, although I didn't win the 'Star Letter' prize.

I'm really behind on catching up with everyone's blogs as I'm currently knitting like mad, as I've put my name down for a stall in March at our local craft market. I'm going under the moniker of The Vintage Knitter and will be selling knitted accessories (natch!), vintage-inspired jewellery and cake-stands. So in addition to the knitting, I'm also on the hunt for some attractive vintage plates to use for the stands, which means plenty of charity shop, market stall and junk shop browsing. So, keep your fingers crossed that I get a stall, otherwise I'm going to have a lot of knitted thingies and plates left on my hands!


  1. Well done you on getting your letter and pics of your wonderful creation published! Hope you get your stall sorted. Would love to see pics of your goodies for sale. xx

  2. Well done on getting your letter published! Good luck in finding vintage plates, they seem to be getting rarer!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. Oh fab, where ARE the macramé mudflaps though?

    Fingers crossed for the stall - I guess next Christmas will be sorted if you don't get one (sure you will though)

  4. Ahh good luck with the stall and well done for being featured!

  5. Happy charity hunting hun!!!
    Not long to go until car boot season comes to tempt us all;)))
    Best wishes

  6. Fantastic, well done on being published! If you don't do a craft stall there's always Etsy and Folksy so sell from the comfort of you own home.
    We do need to meet up again soon.

  7. Ooh awesome news all round for you! I'd love to be knitting more, somehow keep getting distracted these days, got whole day off to myself tomorrow so hopefully gonna get on with some then! :)

  8. Which edition of PC is it in? I shall have to have a look, maybe a hunt around as I think I might be showing signs of great strength and archiving them for a while, until forgotten! This last edition featured a photo of our Triumph Stag bare shell prior to restoration (still in same state, no money) on our chassis tilter, at Tatton Park a couple of years ago. You can see me reading in the gazebo on the left.


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