Monday, 23 January 2012

Blue Monday

Here I am again with the latest on my charity shop finds and an update about my craft stall. Firstly though, lets have a browse through my recent finds...

You know the score: you've seen someone pick up an item in the charity shop and you think "Dammit, I wish I saw that first", well this happened to me on Saturday when I saw this lovely crochet blanket being looked over by another shopper. After watching her out of the corner of my eye and sending subliminal messages along the lines of "put it down, put it down" I thought that all was lost as she was still clutching it a few minutes later...then my subliminal messages must have worked as she placed it back on the rack and walked out of the shop! I quickly picked it up and as it was missing its price tag asked how much it was; "£1.99" was the answer and I turned to my friend to exclaim that you couldn't crochet it for that price! So, needless to say that it went home with me.

I can't crochet (altho' I'd like to), but can appreciate the work that's gone into the blanket, especially in choosing all those shades of blue. Normally, the crochet blankets that I see in charity shops are a wealth of crazy colours that seem to have been chosen as part of a stash busting exercise, but I love the fact that all these blues appear to have been thought out - no stash busting here! I've decided to keep it on the sofa for the winter months, as it brightens up our front room.

After going for what seems months without any decent utility china hauls, I recently struck it lucky. Last week in one of my usual chazza shop haunts I brought some Woods Ware 'Beryl', comprising a milk jug (I haven't got one in this shape), five dinner plates, a small oval plate and salt and pepper shakers. As we use my Woods Ware on a daily basis, I'm always happy to add to the collection, especially dinner plates, and I think I've got more jugs than is necessary, although I'm still on the hunt for some in the yellow 'Jasmine' and blue 'Iris' colourways.

Not only did I buy the 'Beryl', but I also picked up a Johnson Brothers 'Greydawn' gravy boat and side plate. I love the pale blue shade...and yes, we have used the boat for our gravy!


My final find is this tray cloth; who could resist this gorgeous embroidery? I'm surprised that it hadn't been snapped up already by the time I came across it.

And finally, an update on my stall: I'm now booked in for Saturday 24th March at the Bath Road Market in Cheltenham! It's great to have the date confirmed as I can now concentrate on knitting some items to sell alongside the jewellery and cake stands. I have to admit that I'm a bit daunted as this'll be the first ever stall that I've had, so any advice to this newbie from you seasoned stall holders out there will be appreciated!


  1. Love the shine from the gravy boat and plate. Crochet blanket is a fab find!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. Oh, it's a terrible thing when someone else has their hands on a desirable item isn't it. That awful sense of panic as you think that the other person will not put the item back on the shelf....then the satisfaction of being able to buy it for yourself. If that happens, I always think that tthe desirable object was obviously meant for me. Enjoy your llovely new blanket.


  3. What a haul. I love the blanket and yes an awful lot hours of work and love went into the making of it.
    Love from Mum

    1. OOooh lovely finds, that crochet blanket is gorgeous. I saw one today but as you say it was a mental mix of colours so I left it where it was!

  4. Wow excellent bargain on the blanket, the colours are gorgeous! :)

  5. Oooh, I can come and visit your stall - that is exciting! The market is great and I have several friends who have stalls there. The blanket is lovely, and £1.99 was a true bargain! I saw one recently for £10. It was lovely, but I just couldn't part with a tenner.

  6. Thanks everyone for taking the time to comment :-)

    Cathy (and anyone else who might be in the area) - yes, please pop along and say 'Hi' on the day as I love meeting up with new people, especially all of you lot who follow my blog.

  7. oh this crocheted blanket is really really fabulous! can´t believe you got it almost for nothing!
    love and kiss,mary

  8. ooh what a bargain-i-ous blanket and such beautiful colours, it looks great on your sofa! I have one which is definitely in the stash buster category its bright yellow and green terribly tacky and totally fabulous all in one:) Hope the crafting is going well!x

  9. The blanket is great - lovely to see one in coordinated colours.
    Good luck with the market - I won't be able to join you as I'm at a wedding that day, but do let us know if you do any more there.

  10. Lovely blanket, some are a bit more eye-melting I agree!
    Congrats on the stall - very exciting!

  11. Lovely haul. I do that all the time...I've hung around in a shop waiting for someone to put something back!
    Good luck with the stall it will be fab.xx

  12. Lovely crochet blanket,an absolute bargain, I'm crocheting one at the mo........a stashbuster for sure, plenty of colours from all my left-over yarns.

    Love the blog, lil.

  13. Good luck with the stall in March!
    If I were nearby I'd ride over and buy some cakes.
    Have a good weekend when it arrives.

  14. Good luck with your stall! That's a pretty blanket, unusual to see one in blue, the old ladies who crochet them for our local charities shops seem to have a penchant for day glo and baby pink! x

  15. Hi there, this is a great crochet blanket you found, lovely colours! I had my first stall before Christmas at a vintage market. I loved meeting the other stall holders and seeing the lovely things they had for sale (found a lovely vintage sewing book). I would do it with a friend in future so that one person can hold the stall when you need to eat or go to the loo and share the cost. I look forward to hearing how yours goes, I'm sure you'll have a lovely day.

  16. Great finds! Great news that you have booked a stall. I agree with The Green Lady..good advice. My first really busy Vintage & Handmade fair in Chipping Sodbury was a real challenge.. had to beg a cuppa from a passing male as couldn't leave the stall for hours!! Lizzie

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Have you been told to get Public Liability Insurance? I've got a stall at my local market this Sunday and it's compulsory but the insurance cost 50 or 60 quid, which is a bit daunting.

  19. WH - no, not at this market. Although I've been told that its needed for another local market. I had wondered whether its to do with selling food produce or if it applies to anything you sell. I suppose selling things like food, toys and soaps have their own regulations.

  20. If you knit, you can easily swing both ways and crochet too - it's much easier and quicker too.
    That blanket's made me want to start one like that.

  21. Thanks snippa.I've seen so many lovely crochets bits and bobs that I think I need to sign up to a beginner's lesson.


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