Monday, 19 December 2011

Turn it on again

I was up to midnight last night...not partying unfortunately, but wrapping presents. I started at 5pm and thought that I'd be finished in a few hours, but that wasn't the case and I've still got more to wrap once I make my cake-stand presents. I'm not a big fan of Christmas so I'll be glad when its all over!

Anyway, last week was tops for great finds, starting with this Welsh wool tapestry waistcoat and also the pink suede boots. The waistcoat is a perfect fit and looks good teamed with the shorts. I'm so pleased that I chanced upon the boots too. They're  quite faded and I'm thinking of dyeing them a burgundy colour if I can find the right shade of suede dye. I'm a bit hesitant about doing it as I've never dyed suede before, but nothing ventured nothing gained.

I also came across this hand-knitted mohair cardie, which is very 1980s with its big puffy sleeves and sequin trim. Someone took a lot of time to make it as mohair isn't the easiest yarn to work with and the sequins have been sewn in by hand using 'invisible' thread. I love it though, but what I had forgotten from my mohair jumper wearing days is how much mohair makes you itch!

I also brought a lot of mis-matched plates and saucers from a local market stall which are going to be drilled and assembled as cake-stands within the next couple of days. I hope the recipients will like them! I had wanted to knit a cupcake to go with each, but as usual I've left my Christmas knitting to the last minute so all my grand plans for knitted presents have gone out of the window!

Did anyone hear the episode of You & Yours on Radio 4 last week where the owner of what is probably Britain's oldest working fridge, which is over 77 years old, was interviewed? The owner wants to get rid of it as its expensive to run, but apparently the Imperial War Museum has expressed interest in obtaining it for their collection as it was made in about 1941. Up until recently, my Mum had a Candy washing machine that was at least twenty years old and I'm still using both my Babylis hair crimpers and Morphy Richards sandwich toaster that I brought in 80s - in fact I made a tasty cheese toastie with the latter yesterday! However, these are mere striplings when compared to the fridge.

 Being vintage radio fans, we have a few old radios knocking about and use our 1950s Bush DAC90A nearly everyday; I love the sound quality of it especially when its warming up.

So, what is the oldest household appliance that you still use on a regular basis? Is anyone using their grannie's 1950s Kenwood Chef or great grandma's Singer sewing machine?


  1. I am now the proud owner of a Singer Sewing Machine stand which sadly has not got the sewing machine on it. We have put it in the garden and a planter fits perfectly on top. I love it.

  2. You've started wrapping I haven't even got half way through my shopping yet! It'll have to wait until Thursday and be done in a frenzy.
    Good finds this week, very impressed.
    A very Merry Christmas to you and your family.
    See you in 2012!

  3. Cool boots!
    So it was 'No Sleep 'til er..the Christmas presents were wrapped' eh?
    Have a good week ahead and compliments of the season to you and your family.

  4. Nice plates! You should take a photo of your finished cake stands.

    I think the longest serving appliance we had was the old, orange handheld mixer. It was brilliantly retro and lasted nearly 25 years (I think mum got it as a wedding present!) Unfortunately mum has a terrible track record with electrical appliances, kettles and hoovers in particular. They always break/blow up!

  5. my iron is 63 years old,my sewing machine(treadle )is 78,my blender is 40 and I nearly bought a 1941 fridge(goes well ,some surface rust)on only didn't because it was too big for the space in the kitchen...most of my stuff is old.Even my oven is over 40:)

  6. Gorgeous Welsh tapestry waistcoat, you sexy thing! I haven't dyed suede before but I'm sure it's pretty easy, they would look amazing in a 1970s plummy colour.
    My iron is a 1960s Morphy Richards one and I have a 1930s Sylph on standby when it finally gives up the ghost. They don't make things like they used to! x

  7. Ah my mum has that toastie maker! We also have a v old sewing machine and a variety of kitchen wedding gifts from nearly 30 years ago, its great having a rake around Mothers kitchen cupboards! :)

  8. I had that toastie maker - I still miss it despite my posh new panini press as it was perfect for baked beans and cheese toasties. It got used by EVERYONE in my student hall of residence building though, and toasted its last sometime in the second term.

    Love the shorts and boots, I have v similar shorts and black suede boots but too bloody cold to wear them. I'm not very hardy in the cold these days. The boots will look gorgeous a bit darker (just don't do it in your washing machine!)

  9. I have that sandwich toaster and it's still being used! My Mum uses my grandmother's singer treadle sewing machine from the 1920's ~ the machine I learnt to sew on.

  10. I use my late aunt's sewing machine which, I'm guessing, is somewhere around 40 years old.

    Love the Welsh tapestry waistcoat you found, it looks lovely on you.

  11. I've got an old Singer sewing machine which I use as my main machine now since my 1960s Frister Rossman machine overheated and died.
    Love from Mum

  12. Oh toasted cheese sandwiches...yumm they really remind me of my childhood! My mums got an old sunbeam mixer which is still going strong after 50 years or so! Love those boots!!!

  13. I have just read this post. My Mum recently bought a graded cooker to replace the one she had from Richmond Gas Stoves (Warrington) in the 1950s. I remember it well when I was a little girl. It still worked but the gas pressure in the oven was very low, that or the regulo didn't work. It was only on low all the time and she couldn't cook anything requiring a very high temperature.

    Her new cooker is now baking apple pies, casseroles, scones and other things but I think she would really have preferred her old one to be working, as the grill on this one is not as good.

    1. oh you are dropdead gorgous with this waistcoast and those boots! ready to go to woodstock and i would love to join you ;)


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