Thursday, 3 November 2011

There's a mouse in the house!

I had planned to sit down with the knitting this afternoon and watch The Lavender Hill Mob before collecting Monkeychild from school. I had the DVD player primed and decided to look for a pack of biscuits that had got pushed to the back of one of the shelves in the pantry; that was when I noticed them. Tiny dark brown pellets scattered at the back of the shelf.

Hunting around for more evidence I found what I was looking for when I opened a wicker hamper: shredded paper - lots of it. The mice had decided to set up home there and even Monkeychild's old baby-food jars that I was keeping for some jam making, were filled with a layered combination of rice grains and paper. Very snug. The little blighters had made a hole in a large bag of rice that we had on the floor (luckily we hadn't used it ourselves yet) and had smuggled the grains into their abode.

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So I had to leave the DVD and start cleaning the pantry from top to bottom. Although mice might look cute and furry like the beastie in the photo, they're proper little disease carriers. Mice are incontinent, depositing wee and poo pellets as they move along; this can lead to food poisoning from salmonella or E.coli if food becomes contaminated.

Everything was turned out of the pantry; foodstuffs binned which looked 'moused', shelves, walls and floor cleaned with sterilising solution, crockery put into the dishwasher at the highest temperature and everything else cleaned with anti-bacterial cleaner.

And I've only just finished!

Here's my ultra clean pantry, ready for Husband to fit draught excluders to the bottom of the door where the mice have been getting in and position some Little Nippers for any nocturnal intruders.

So much for my afternoon of knitting and lounging about. Now how does that saying go...the best laid plans....?


  1. Oh dear! Better making sure the place is clean for your own peace of mind. Love the new header.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. Oh dear not a good thing to discover.

    We've found the best bait for traps is chocolate buttons - they love them ;)

    Only had them in the garage in this house - last house they seemed to love our kitchen.

  3. Oh no! Pesky Beasts. I do love your pantry though with its lovely storage accessories.

  4. Not good! We get rats occasionally (ex-rental house where the tenants never sorted them out). If you can bear it, and have somewhere safe to put it, poison does seem the best answer, although we have all sorts of electronic deterrents too, and try to block up ways of the blighters getting in.

  5. Must be the time of year, my cats have been really busy hunting then leaving them on my drive. I love your pantry by the way,strange thing to say but true!! X

  6. Ugh, pesky critters. We have a rat visitor who likes to cosy up with the rabbit in this hutch and eat all his food.

    Adore your pantry with all its cannisters and two bread bins. Swoon.

  7. But what a beautifully clean pantry you have now and so nicely organised :)

  8. Urrgh! Horrible things, gives me the creeps to know they have invaded. We had them once too!
    Julie xxxxxx

  9. I saw a mouse, where? there in the pantry!
    Not funny really but, oh what a lovely clean and tidy pantry you have now LOL!

    I'd love a walk-in pantry....dreaming.

    Have a great weekend,

    Sandie xx

  10. I have SERIOUS pantry envy! :)x

  11. It's the joy of rural living! But you have a gorgeous pantry (why did that sound so rude?)
    The set up home in the back of our boiler last year but not for long! ;)

  12. I do love little mice but not in the house! The smell is horrid...ekkkk! Shall I lend you one of our cats?

  13. We get mice in the house about once a year & rats steal the chicken food too. You can get ready baited little plastic boxes that you could tuck into a corner of the pantry just in case. I put them in the cupboard upstairs where the mice sometimes appear. Outdoor mice are sorted out by the cats & I have baited rat boxes for the rats. Oh, the joys of country life!

  14. Oh goodness, though they are cute to look at, of course they're a total health hazard. We've had mice twice but I can't bear kill traps so we used catch and release ones with sucess. We found peanut butter was the best bait - the little blighters managed to steal the chocolate but not get caught!

    Lovely pantry as well x

  15. I'm late to this story but mice are no joke VK
    It is probably a lone mouse looking for somewhere warm during the winter months
    I hope that's the end of the problem

  16. I love that you have a pantry,eek over the little mice, we had one but it was not seen again once we got our cat :o) Scarlett x

  17. I'm terribly jealous of your pantry, mice or not. We had them under the stairs, same shredded paper and poo evidence, but haven't seen any sign of them there in a while and they haven't shown up anywhere else so am ignoring the issue!

  18. I thought we had mice in our garage but when hubby went to check it out it was in fact dried lavender. Phew relief. I must say I don't envy your mouse invader but I do envy your pantry. I have only had a pantry once when I was first married and I loved it.


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