Monday, 31 October 2011

Welcome to my nightmare...

...I think you're gonna like it
I think you're gonna feel you belong

There's nothing like some classic Alice Cooper lyrics to kick off  All Hallows' Eve tonight and get into the mood for some festive creepiness.

The candles are lit and I've carved out the jack-o-lantern with an owl perched on a branch with a background of moonlight stars...

Monkeychild and I adorned ourselves in our best ghoulish make-up (Monkeychild wanted to be a 'Spiderwitch' and I went as 'Death') and attire and prowled the neighbourhood before retiring back to the cave and handing out goodies to fellow spooks.

Teaching Monkeychild the Gene Simmons tongue curl!
 Scariness, dressing up and lots of make-up - I love it!

Some of tonight's festive playlist...

Alice Cooper at his best:

Type O Negative and the divine Pete Steele (R.I.P):

The unique and stunning Ms. Sioux:


  1. Fan-tastic selection of tunes! Did a double take when I saw the Gene Simmons sisters... ;)

  2. Love the owl carved into the pumpkin. We went to Devon for half term - bought a pumpkin and forgot it there! Worse - all the shops around here were sold out today - one mum in the dog house! That photo with your daughter - so very cute!

  3. Brilliant picture of you and the Spiderwitch - recognised it instantly! ;-)

    Great owl pumpkin too x

  4. oh the pictures are really amazing and i love love love the music you have posted alice cooper and type 0 negative forever!!!
    bloody kisses and a happy halloween!

  5. Top notch VK!
    You've got style. It looks like you both had a great time.
    I like the playlist you've set out here.
    It's a truly wonderful time of year.

  6. Heh, fun costumes and I love, love, LOVE the whole 'Welcome to My Nightmare' album. Halloween is such fun!

  7. Love your costumes and excellent music, too! x

  8. Loving the carving looks awesome.
    Thanks for comments on Indie, sorry it made daughter cry :( bless her. x

  9. Great pictures!
    I'd forgotten just how brilliant The Banshees were (are?). That song is so exhilarating and the video fits it perfectly...I want to go running in the woods now!

  10. I love your owl lantern! My mum made an owl one as well although it wasn't as fancy as yours.


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