Thursday, 27 October 2011

Tweedy pursuits

I was rooting through my fabric stash in the week and came across a vintage tweed skirt that I brought from a jumble sale years ago and had unpicked, leaving me with at least three metres of the most beautiful  fabric shot through with shades of purple, green and turquoise. In fact I had brought the skirt for the material in the first place as the style of the skirt wasn't my sort of thing.

So, I decided to run up a bucket style bag for winter from the tweed. Using my own design, I drew a simple  pattern on a sheet of Monkeychild's drawing paper and used this to cut out the tweed and the lining which I made out of some purple cotton; another stash find.

It didn't take long to sew together and just to add a bit of interest to the front I made a flower detail using some old mother-of-pearl buttons. I also stitched the original label onto the lining just to remind me when my bag originated from and because I love the lettering.

The best thing about making the bag is that I could make the strap just the right length and width to fit under my arm for a snug and comfy fit - I'm very particular about my bags! And, I've got enough tweed left over to make a cushion for our vandalized sofa.

I've finished off one Fair Isle arm warmer and am currently halfway through the other. I don't really like the way the edges curl up so on the next pair I knit, I'm going to add a ribbed cuff and knit them up in the round to avoid the ugly sewn up seam. Otherwise, I'm quite happy how they've turned out and am starting to get bitten by the Fair Isle bug!

I treated myself to this felty little fellow this week from Murgatroyd and Bean's Folksy shop. Isn't he gorgeous? He'll definitely add a bit a hand crafted chic to my winter coats.

Sofa update:

The pen marks still haven't shifted, even after trying out the majority of your hints. Still not happy!


  1. That bag is upcycling at it's very best. The fabric is stunning and just looks gorgeous.
    Loving the little owl and I'm blown away by your knitting. x

  2. Ooh pretty fabric, love the colours, and the owl is v cute! :)

  3. Ooh I recognise that felty chap! Thank you for the mention VK - he looks good on your lapel.
    Delicious tweed bag! :)

  4. What a gorgeous post! Tweed bad looks fantastic and the owlie brooch gives me the wanties really bad. Your fair isle worked out brilliantly If you want to avoid the curling you could try using the pattern I used for mine
    The pattern gives a lovely finish to the wrist and hand.

  5. Great use of the tweed! I really am impressed by your fair isle knitting & your new brooch too.


  6. I love the bag. I love doing Fair-Isle knitting. I have knitted lots of childrens cardigans and jumpers in the past using scraps of yarn. I like them because the kntting is like a double fabric so very warm!
    The brooch is lovely
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  7. Great job on the bag! The fabric is beautiful and it's a great idea that you've kept the label too. Your fairisle is also looking fantastic.

  8. What a fabulous idea to make the bag and its a beaut - you clever ducky! Love it. Scarlett x

  9. Fab job..that fabric is a lovely colour and looks great as a bag. Gorgeous Fairisle

  10. Love that bag smart you and great job on those mitts and I love that little owl

  11. Great job with the bag and I really like those wrist warmers, I rather like the curl. I've been looking for patterns myself, where did you find that one I've never attempted fairisle.

    I got biro and those gel pen marks off my cream leather chair with plain old Hairspray... works on clothing too but you need to rub in then chuck it a wash.

    Smiles Dolly x

  12. The gloves look lovely. I wish I knew how to knit! x


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