Sunday, 16 October 2011

Skirting the issue

Firstly, sorry I haven't been keeping up with everyone's blogs recently; work has been a bit manic over the past four weeks and all I've  wanted to do when I get home is either go to bed with a good book or slob out on the sofa with the knitting. I've been having to do a lot of monotonous motorway driving and the only things that have kept me sane are copious amounts of thermos tea and brioche, and a decent hire car with DAB radio which was permanently tuned into Planet Rock.

Anyway, 'nuff of that and on with those finds!

This week's browsing has paid off well and I've ended up with two rather lovely maxi skirts. I couldn't resist this gorgeous black 70s floral maxi that I brought from a great vintage shop in Stroud called Strangeness and Charm Vintage. It's made out of a cosy winceyette type fabric, which'll be great to wear on those chilly winter days.

Rebecca who owns the shop is really friendly and shares the same views on vintage clothes as I do, which resulted in us having a good natter. Actually the shop name is quite apt for me as it reminds me one one of my favourite Hawkwind songs: Quark, Strangeness and Charm...

Later in another shop, I found the floral 60s number made from easy care crimplene (bonus!) with its big, loud purple, pink and lime green psychedelic flowers. I don't normally wear such bright colours, but as soon as I tried it on I changed my mind, especially when I realized that my purple suede wedge boots would look great with it.

As for this week's non-clothing buys, this mini suitcase was a lovely little find and it's virtually identical to the larger version in red that I brought earlier this year. It's ideal to pack Monkeychild's clothes into for a weekend break and she loves it because its "old" - I'm slowly introducing her to the joys of vintage!

...and finally a large Woods Beryl Ware serving bowl; I've never seen one like this, so was happy to snap it up and add it to my collection.

If the weather forecast is right, we should be in for some frosty mornings this week so I might be wearing that winceyette maxi sooner than I thought! Whether its frosty or not, I hope you all have a good week.


  1. oh how fabulous are those two maxi skirts! i love this kind of pattern! and the suitcases, i´m looking for one like that a long time!
    love and kiss,mary

  2. Amazing purchases! Lucky you! That purple floral skirt in particular is fantastic.

  3. Firstly, that was Hawkwind? S'not the Hawkwind I'm familiar with, although I know they had various different personnel. "In search of space" & "Silver Machine" are my favourites. Lemmy's da man!

    Anyway, I digress. Love your skirts. Would you believe that I saw a blue case very much like your blue case at the jumble but someone nabbed it before I could. Boo hoo. xx

  4. Loo - the track is off 'wind's 1977 album of the same name; its one of my favourite albums of theirs.

    P.S. You're right - Lemmy is da man!

  5. Love that 60s skirt and those bags are right up my alley.

  6. Lovely skirts and cases
    Julie xxxxxx

  7. Lovely skirts! I especially like the dark floral one, although the big flowers on the other make me think of 1960s/70s illustrations.

  8. I love Hawkwind! Did you see that BBC4 documentary back in August?
    Love both those skirts, perfect layered up with leggings, socks and big boots for the chilly mornings. I have the same cases in my room, I've stuck a white one on top for a patriotic vibe! x

  9. ADORE those skirts! I have the red case in your picture, would love to find a blue one.

    Have a lovely week x

  10. I so want to come shopping with you! You know all the best places. I didn't even know that shop in Stroud was there but I now!! Glad you enjoyed The Lavender Bakehouse

  11. Planet Rock and Hawkwind mentioned in the post...nice!
    Hope your week has started off well

  12. Loving both the beautiful floral skirts. :)


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