Friday, 7 October 2011

Scarecrow victory!

Here's Monkeychild's Victorian Scarecrow that we entered for her school competition last weekend and guess what? We won! It took me two days to put him together and Monkeychild made a fob watch and some flowers for his buttonhole and topper. I had to have a bit of knitting in there too, so I knitted a crow and made a nest for him in the hat. We stood him up outside the house last weekend and were fortunate that we had some amazing weather.

Husband was worried that someone might nick his beloved army boots, so he tie-wrapped them on for extra security!

In contrast to my last post about my recent charity shop buys, this week's haul has been very poor and limited to a handbook for Archie, which has become my bedtime reading (how sad am I?) and another Ladybird to help Monkeychild with her reading. Both cost 80p each so I can't complain though. However, I did notice that the charity shops are now bringing out their winter coats and in one shop I found a 1970s coat made from buttersoft tan leather, with lovely deep pockets and a wide fake fur collar; it was glorious. I tried it on and it buttoned up lovely until it reached the boobs; I could button it up across the boobage, but it was obvious that it was too tight across the chest and shoulders and therefore not very flattering. I asked the ladies in the shop for their opinions, but they agreed that it looked wrong and later commiserated with me as I reluctantly put it back on the rail (I bet they wanted a sale!).

Remember the Victorian armchair that I was planning to overhaul? Well, here's a sneaky peak of it in its newly painted glory. I've re-upholstered the back and seat and have yet to do the arms, but when it's finished I'll post some photos.


  1. What a brilliant scarecrow - not surprised that you won! And, CORRRR, what a tantalising glimpse of a delicious purple on that chair. Looking good!
    (Hee,hee sorry to hear that the boobage prevented another smashing vintage buy, tut!)

  2. The scarecrow looks amazing. Well done on the win. I've been meaning to make one for the allotment. Must get my act together. Love the look of the chair already. Mmmmm red ric rac, possibly one of my favourite things..... Bad luck on the coat front. I have similar boobage issues so can sympathise. xx

  3. Fantastic scarecrow. It must have taken ages to make. Can't wait to see the chair. I too have similar 'boobage issues'.
    Love from Mum

  4. oh what a fabulous scarecrow!!! it doesn´t surprise me you won the competition!! i haven´t seen before such a sweet scarecrow;)
    love and kiss,mary

  5. love the scarecrow especially the crow and handlebar moustache! Never mine the coat was not for you this time :( next one will be perfect you'll see! xxxx

  6. What have you been up to lately? Ah, just knitting a crow for my Victorian scarecrow... Love it - a worthy winner I'm sure!

  7. That scarecrow is amazing, I'm not surprised he won!
    You can rely on ladies in charity shops to be honest, I bet a half-wit on the high street would tell you it looked great even if it was bursting at the seams.
    That chair looks most intriguing! x

  8. First class.
    The Scarecrow looks fantastic!!
    Congratulations to all the family on the win!

  9. Great Scarecrow - congratulations for winning.
    Julie xxxxxx

  10. Fantastic looking scarecrow! I can see why you won, well done!
    Isabelle x

  11. Excellent scarecrow! Well done on your win.

  12. Amazing scarecrow! Congratulations on the win. I know about the 'boobage' issue; damn them for keeping you from that coat.


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