Monday, 5 September 2011

Old car, new ride

Well, Dad surprised me today (big time) with this new addition to our family:

His name is Archie and he is a 1971 Morris Minor 1000. The fact that Dad brought it is a bloody miracle as he's not generally known for his love of classic cars, especially after suffering over two decades of me bringing various classic cars home and using his shed to store spare engines, wings, doors etc. My last classic was a Reliant Scimitar SE5a which was a cracking car, but I had to sell him on as he needed a lot of mechanical work which I couldn't afford at the time. Since then my cars have been somewhat boring in choice due to circumstances.

It turns out that Archie was a bit of an impulse buy for Dad and after getting him checked out by one of his Moggy owning friends, Dad parted with the cash and brought him home, where I found him residing on the drive this morning when I called round. Dad has brought him for us to share (and for him to tinker about with) as he knows that I've been yearning for another classic car for years ever since I sold the Scimitar.

I've yet to give Archie a spin, but I'm looking forward to hearing that typical Morris engine drone. One thing that I will be getting fixed onto him are my air horns that Husband brought me as a birthday present a few years ago. Unfortunately they've remained unused as my current car hasn't  the engine room to fit them; however, Archie has plenty of room under the bonnet and soon he'll be playing 'La Cucaracha' to all and sundry!

A preview of what my air horns once fitted into Archie will sound like:

...nice Bug too!

And finally this because its pulling 70mph (its does seem to be going downhill mind) and because this Morris' owner shares the same automotive humour as me:

... now that is class!


  1. Oh my Archie is a beauty! Im also loving your air horns - amazing! Scarlett x

  2. oh my goodness I haven't laughed so much in ages! That Youtube is brilliant! Archie id gorgeous and you are going to sound like your in the film Lost Boys with that air horn!!! Total class.

  3. What a beauty! Super colour too. Hadn't realised you were a vintage car enthusiast (welcome to my world!) ;)

  4. Archie's lovely were sure to hear you coming.
    We love our vintage cars especially choosing their names :) we have a Trixie and a Violet
    cate x

  5. You lucky lucky girl I used to want one of these or a Beetle never got either.Now I am hankering for a 1954 Holden ute fingers crossed on that one.
    What a great suprise bet your still smiling.

  6. If I could drive - a Morris minor would be my instant car of choice. A green one. With wooden trim.

  7. My Mum used to have a moggy, I love them.
    Your Dad has wonderful taste. x

  8. Lovely, lovely car!

    Who doesn't love Moggies!

  9. Gosh you're so lucky Archie is fab, my joshy loves looking at classic cars, my friend used to have a duck egg blue Morris I think called Abbie, she used to unlock her doors all by herself!

  10. Oooh Archie is gorgeous and those videos are hilarious! I wish I had an airhorn to attach to my micra! (nowhere near the same charm as a Morris though!)

  11. I've fond memories of the old Morris Minor, it was my Uncle's car of choice well past his and its sell by date.
    As for the air-horn! Thumps Up!!!


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