Sunday, 4 September 2011

Miss Universe on holiday

It's been a bit naughty of me not to have blogged for well over two weeks so I thought that it's about time that I caught up with everyone's blogs - including my own!

We drove down to North Somerset for our family holiday a couple of weeks ago and based ourselves at Blue Anchor which has a great beach, a mix of sand and pebbles; this kept Monkeychild very happy. As the West Somerset Railway runs through this part of the country, we took the obligatory trip on a steam train and travelled in true vintage style.

 I brought my knitting with me and spent the next hour happily knitting away, relaxing and watching the gorgeous countryside fly past. Halfway through our trip we stopped for a tea and cake break at Crowcombe Heathfield Station; its such a picturesque place, almost as if time has stopped still and its easy to see why the opening sequence of the film Land Girls was shot here.

I may have been on holiday, but there's never a holiday from bargain hunting as you all know. Whilst away, I visited a couple of boot sales, junk and charity shops in the area and although I didn't come away with a large haul, I picked up a few nice things.

I found this large Grindley Lupin Petal platter in a junk shop on our second day; I haven't got much Lupin Petal only some dessert plates and a tureen, so this is a welcome addition.

I also brought a perfectly dinky and immaculate TG Green Cornishware jar minus its lid; I'll look out for a replacement lid on my travels, but in the meantime the jar is ideal for holding a flower or two.

Bearing the wonderful label of 'Miss Universe' (hence the title of this post!) this brocade purse was another charity shop buy. Its a very natty thing as it unfolds to reveal a separate zipped purse and a large clasped pocket; ideal for keeping all those loyalty cards, receipts and other ephemera that I seem to accumulate on a regular basis.

I used the holiday as a good excuse to get on with a couple of my knitting projects. I was making good progress with my armwarmers, finishing one off completely and then knitting a good three inches of the next when disaster struck: one of my wooden doubled pointed needles broke and I didn't have a replacement. But never fear as I had also packed an emergency project: a bag knitted with a mix of moss stitch and cables. Using super bulky yarn (Sirdar Big Softie if anyone is interested) and 10mm needles meant that it was finished by the end of the holiday. Back at home I stitched it together, made a lining and covered some buttons with a bit of  leftover Alexander Henry fabric from my stash and here it is, ready and waiting for some winter usage...

To end, I just thought I'd give a shout out to a brilliant and very friendly vintage shop in Cirencester that I visited for the first time yesterday. Its called Sheunique and is filled to bursting with lovely clothes and accessories; its what I could call a 'proper vintage clothing shop'. If you're ever in the area, go and take a look - you won't regret it!


  1. Oh my son much to comment on! I love all your finds esp the cornishware. The train station and train ride are just perfect, would love to do that. And im a sucker for A.Henry fabric so your bag is amazing :o) Scarlett x

  2. Agree with all the above. The lily looks lovely in the stripy jar and I'm amazed by the train station - it's a far cry from Clapham Junction!

  3. You should emailed that you were coming this way - would have loved to meet up. Perhaps next time......
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  4. Glad you had a fab time. Look forward to seeing you in Stroud! Lizzie x

  5. PS have you seen this
    Crowcombe station, one of my favourite places!


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