Friday, 30 September 2011

Changing Gear

Archie the Morris Minor is now back from the garage and we've been taking advantage of this amazing weather to get to know each other better during our little charity shop runs to some local towns. As the drivers' seat is fixed into position and won't adjust, I've been having to use a cushion to help me sit forwards enough to be able to apply decent pressure to the brake and clutch pedals; but apart from this minor (!) hassle, we've been having a great time together. I'm really surprised at how well he goes and how he handles, and its a delight hearing that familiar Moggy whine when I change gear or drive down a hill. I'm now looking forwards to seeing another Moggy on the road and exchanging waves; I used to love this bit of marque camaraderie when I was a Beetle owner.

Anyway, enough of me waxing lyrical about classic cars, here's what I managed to find on my travels...

Two fabulous 70s pendants that make a very satisfying clanking sound when worn together.

A very spangly green sequined top, which I thought I could wear zipped up the back like its supposed to be worn, or back-to-front like a waistcoat. One of the things that I love about vintage clothes is the labels like this one which proudly proclaims that its specially designed for Len Edwards and Made Within The British Empire. No fancy French or Italian names here!

I also brought this 60s Harris Tweed coat for a fiver, which is an absolute bargain. Its a tadge on the big side, but feels lovely on and will be great for winter jazzed up with a bright brooch.

Finally, here are two more plates to add to my 'Project Cake Stand' stash. I'm going to make Christmas present cake stands  for some friends and have been looking out for plates that I think each of them will like. I'm also thinking of knitting a cup cake for each of them too to fit in with the theme.

Have a great weekend everyone and here's hoping that this weather will stick around for a while!


  1. oh how beautiful are this pendants and the coat is absolutely fabulous my dear!!!
    love and kiss,mary

  2. The pendants are wonderful - super jealous of those!

  3. Excellent haul! Especially the coat!

  4. Oh my, i need to go charity shopping in your area. I adore that coat - a fiver!!! Blimey thats a complete CS bargain. The coats in the CS shops here are upwards of £15. Scarlett x

  5. Excellent coat find! I'm interested to see how the cake stands are made, heard of people doing this but in my head the plate would crack if you drilled a hole in it... :)

  6. The Harris tweed coat will never date

  7. Still having morris envy here lol I also have green top envy how nice is that?Isnt finding vintage the best fun?

  8. Fantastic little haul! Made more special by your mode of transport.
    I love the look of the black embroidered top/dress your wearing with the 70's jewellery.

  9. Those retro pendants are fabulous and right up my street, love them together.
    Len Edwards' was obviously a great designer despite his rather mundane name. I love that top so much. x

  10. Don't you just love the Harris Tweed logo? Love that coat and the cleavage isn't bad either VK! ho, ho ;D

  11. Jealous of the pendants! I can never ever find awesome jewellery at op shops - but I must say I'm pretty fabulous at finding clothes - so that's a fair trade off I think.

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