Sunday, 11 September 2011

Boot Sale Sunday's Knitty Love

The knuckles say it all...

I've finally completed my armwarmers and am so pleased with how they've turned out. The Colinette 'Jitterbug' yarn knits up like a dream and its fun to see the colour changes emerge; luckily there's been no heavy 'pooling' of one particular colour - I hate it when that happens.

For those manicure aficinados amongst you, the nail polish is Rimmel 60 seconds in 'Sky High'

I think that ye gods of booting were smiling down on me today when I found knitting pattern nirvana, here's what happend:

I went to two boot sales: the first was hopeless and after scanning the stalls I decided to drive the twenty odd miles or so down to the one held at Castle Coombe. There were a lot less stalls than usual and nothing much caught my eye until I chanced upon these vintage knitting patterns hiding away under one of the stalls in a suitcase. I had to trawl through a lot of '80s patterns for oversize mohair jumpers that didn't fire my knitting mojo - until I struck gold with this selection that span four decades.

These '40s patterns are lovely, especially the leaf motif one and the bolero...

I also found a couple of Stitchcraft magazines from 1942 and 1944 with a heavy emphasis on 'Make Do and Mend'; the Fair Isle patterns were ideal for using up all those wool oddments from pre-war knitting...

I was so lucky to chance across the above as patterns from this period are getting harder to find. A few years ago they used to pop up quite regularly in local charity shops or secondhand bookshops, but now I'm lucky if I find any patterns that pre-date the '60s. I sometimes hear stories about relatives throwing away their deceased grandmother's or mother-in-law's knitting pattern collection, which is rather sad. I'd be a willing curator of such patterns given the chance!

Not only did I find the '40s patterns, but also a couple of knittable '50s patterns, a 1956 Vogue Knitting Book and a copy of Home Chat from 1952. I'm looking forward to reading these especially the 'Vivid New Serial'!

Look at that boy's psycho eyes, freaky huh?

And so that I had something to show for the '60s and '70s I also brought these; note the on-trend tribal design on the 'Starsky' jacket - a potential Christmas knit for Husband?

And finally, let's end by having a look at one of my favourite vintage magazine sections: the adverts. This page is taken from the copy of Stitchcraft from 1942:

I love the euphenism of an 'all over dusting'!


  1. Those gloves are a triumph and I adore the knuckle tattoes!
    I got a huge stash of knitting and crochet patterns from a jumble last year, there's loads in your collection that I've got, too. I'm not talented in knitting like you but absolutely love the elegant ladies and cheeky children on the covers. x

  2. this armwarmers are so fabulous!!!! oh and what a treasure this old stitchcraft magazines i wish i could find something else here!!!
    love and kiss,mary

  3. Love the armwarmers and fab pattern haul too. I love the ad that blames constipation for children being restless!

  4. Ooh ooh, great haul! It's so exciting when you find some properly old patterns amongst the 80s and 90s ones. I do recognise some of those 40s leaflets an the leaf motif sweater is very similar to one I've bought recently. You definitely do need to keep an eye open for patterns too don't you? They're so often hidden away.
    Very pretty armwarmers too, the wool is beautiful.

  5. I have to say this....knit-tastic

    There I said it...

  6. Aaah, bedjackets! I do so need to knit one. That's a great haul of patterns. It's frustrating only getting part of a serial though, you'll want to read the rest.

    Every time I see an Activia yoghurt advert, I think, 'We haven't come that far from California Syrup of Figs, have we?"

  7. I love Stitchcraft magazines, I have a collection of about 14 now mostly from the 40's.
    x x x

  8. Oh those wrist warmers are lovely! Just what you need now it looks like Summer has definately gone (did it ever arrive?)
    What a lucky find with those patterns! I just love the picutures on them. So glamerous.
    Those adverts are epic! I have to say my daughters get look at strangely by all the other kids at ballet when I put there bun in and ask for "another Kibigrip" I thought me and my Mum were the only ones who called them that!!

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  10. Wow love your finds! Think I would knit them all... so pretty! :)

  11. Wow loving those vintage patterns, what a great find!! I also spied elvis on the cover ;o) Scarlett x

  12. Oh my, what finds- like you said the older patterns are so hard to find these days- I’m waiting for them to go out of fashion and maybe we might then have better luck! All I can say it was a good job I started collecting years ago! Tupps x

  13. Brilliant haul once again VK. Love those old ads. The lengths a gal will drive in the search for a decent knitting pattern eh? ;D

  14. What a fantastic haul you had with those 40s knitting patterns. I very occasionally find pre-1960s patterns in the local charity shop but you're right, they are getting much rarer these days. Love your armwarmers too.

  15. Your armwarmers are lovely. Great haul too! I love looking through old knitting and sewing patterns, my Granny had some brilliant ones. I found an old dress pattern the other week in a charity shop for 50p. Just need to pull my finger out and make it!

  16. Wow! What inspiration! You must have been so happy with all those finds. And yes; your hand warmers are perfect with no pooling whatsoever to be seen. Did you mix two balls of yarn to avoid that?

    Have a lovely week of knitting.

  17. Super finds! Lucky you. I love the graphics and photos in these. I have quite a collection that I cannot part with! lizzie x

  18. Awesome gloves and love your nail varnish - thanks for the shade info, always appreciated by me ;-)

    Great ads, they were so obsessed with laxatives back then weren't they?

  19. Oh my, those are some fantastic knitting pattern finds. Wow! I particularly adore the white and green one with the leaves and the hooded scarf set on the cover of the Stitchcraft.


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