Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Put the kettle on

Sorry I haven't been blogging much recently, but things have been a bit busy round here and my PC time has been somewhat reduced; however, I'm back now, so onwards and upwards.

Firstly, check out my recent bargains starting with this vintage Swan kettle boot sale find, unused and still in its box and costing all of a £1! Husband pointed out that it lacks an automatic off switch, but that's not going to stop me from using it.

After reading an article about making cake stands in the recent Vintage Life magazine, I thought that I'd make some as Christmas presents for my friends (I'm not usually this organised!), so I'm on the look out for vintage plates specifically for this purpose and so far have found these which were a 90p market stall buy.

On the charity shop front I brought a 1970s Simplicity sewing book, although the cover is positively demure in comparison to Ivy Black's recently brought version...

...a couple of pounds brought me this Topshop top covered in ladybirds and tattoo style patches...

...and finally a crochet runner, which was a steal for 10p. Admittedly it didn't look much at first, being scrunched up in the bottom of the bargain bin with a rather yellow tinge to it, but after a good boil and starch its come up a treat.

I've started another knitting project: this colourful afghan which I aim to have finished by this winter as a cosy bedspread for Monkeychild. Its very easy, all garter stitch and I'm trying to be good and darn in all the loose ends as I go along to minimise having to do it all in one go later! Its quite a fun knit really and a great 'pick up and put down' project.

Also - last but definitely not least: thank you to Nabby at This Old Life blog for giving me the Liebster Blog award; its very much appreciated, Nabby.


  1. Love the look of the Afghan. Gorgeous colours. It's going to be a real beaut when it grows up! Thanks for sharing the pattern. I'll be definitely bookmarking that one. I'm knitting rectangles for my knitted blanket; slow going but like you say it's a pick up and put down project.

  2. I love pick-up and put down projects - lovely colours.
    I think the kettle is great but just remember to literally watch the kettle boil otherwise if you go away and do something else it will boil dry!!!!!!!!
    Beleive me I know......I've done it......
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  3. That blanket looks like it's going to be beautiful. I'd really like to be able to make something for my boys, but don't quite feel I have the skills yet. Garter stitch sounds good though.

    I want to try the cake stands thing too, but scared of the shattering plate scenario!

  4. What pretty plates! I like the one with the house on the best, it's a nice color. I like the colors you have chosen for the blanket, bright and pretty. Be careful with that kettle, my gran had one like it, and she let it boil dry too. not. good. That crochet runner was a bit of a steal too, good haul!

  5. The top is Laura Lees I'd recognise her style anywhere, very collectable you know!

  6. I need to go the boot sale you go to!! You seem to find much better things than I do.Those plates will look fab as cake stands.
    Loving the blanket. Fantastic colours.

  7. I'm insanely jealous of that stunning kettle. I love it. You'll just have to stand over it like we did when we were kids.
    That blanket is going to be sensational.
    That Laura Lees range was one of my favourite ever ranges from TopShop. x

  8. Excellent finds. I prefer your version of the Simplicity book...mine is plain strange even for my tastes!!
    That blanket is going to be gorgeous.

  9. Love the kettle, so shiny!

  10. What a smashing haul. I'm sure your cake stands will look gorgeous with such pretty plates. I really do love the knitted afghan. What a great design. I must have a go.
    Love from Mum

  11. I thought I would say hello, someone told me about your blog and I'm glad she did!

    I enjoy knitting and your blanket looks lovely!

  12. great sewing book. and thanks for the washing tip - i have some bits that are still yellow. oooo and love the afgan knit too! x

  13. Thank you for all your comments and for taking time to read my blog. I've tried out the kettle and it works a treat, although Husband is refusing to use it!

    Anne - thanks for visiting my blog too :-)

  14. Glad the kettle works fine! Gosh it's not that long ago those type of kettles were the norm in kitchens; well it doesn't seem that long ago :-/


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