Friday, 29 July 2011

Blog Swap goes Heavy Metal

Look what the Postie brought me... very own knitted Slash, straight from the needles of my Faith Hope and Charity Shopping swap partner Nicole Needles. He's brilliant isn't he? Nicole has really captured his likeness, from his trademark mop of unruly black hair and top hat down to his nose ring and the cigarette nonchalantly hanging out of the corner of his mouth.

A big parcel arrived this morning with these lovely packages inside waiting to be unwrapped by my excited hands; although I did wait for a few seconds to take a photo of them with their labels hinting at what's inside.

And here are my unwrapped presents in all their glory...

Nicole also made me these three little bags made out of some great skeleton fabric and filled them with her own herbal mix of lavender, rosemary and sage to keep the moths away; these are now hanging up in my wardrobe keeping guard over my favourite dresses. She also sent this  gorgeous vintage lucky horseshoe brooch, which will look great on my denim jacket and a 1975 Twinkle annual to add to Monkeychild's collection; this is great as we already have 1973's and 1974's annuals.

Thank you so much Nicole, I love everything that you've made and found for me - you definitely did your homework about what I like. By the way, Slash will be living on a shelf in my crafting room well out of the reach of Monkeychild who has also taken a liking to him!


  1. Oh Slash is great! I love those little bags too.
    Julie xxxxx

  2. Nicole is a genius I love that woolly Slash!
    Have you heard about the Black Country's Home of Metal celebration that's taking part all round the Midlands this summer?
    Might be worth you taking a trip up. x

  3. Vix - yes, I went to Birmingham a couple of weeks ago to visit the Home of Metal exhibition. It was brilliant, the first exhibition that I've been to where Black Sabbath and Judas Priest were being played at full blast!

  4. Oh my what wonderful swap gifts!!! The Knitted Slash is legendary, just I love his nose ring!

  5. omg slash is amazing!! What an amazing swap parcel! Scarlett x

  6. Hey!
    Love the Slash knit!!!
    Also those Mexican style skeleton bags are the business.
    Hope you have a good weekend
    PS Thanks for the kind words re: my house move (still chaos here)

  7. This is awesomeness unlimited!!! How freakin' COOL!!

  8. Brilliant post! So glad you liked the gifts. I had a feeling Monkeychild might like Slash - I had to prise him out of Mr Needles hands !

  9. Indeed Slash is just priceless! Great swap!

  10. What a brilliant swap parcel - Slash is great!

  11. What a briliant likeness! Will any more rock heroes be making their appearance I wonder. I'd certainly be up for a Robert Plant version!


  12. Thanks for linking up - dunno how I missed this post the first time. Brilliant swap, one of my faves, I'd have been thrilled with all those things, especially Slash and Twinkle (two extremes of my personality!)


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