Saturday, 18 June 2011

Vintage Velvet

You know those times when you try a dress on and it feels and looks so right that you have to buy it there and then? Well I had one of those moments last Saturday. I was perusing the dress rails in Stroud's vintage clothing shop Time After Time when I came across this beautful 1940s dress. Its absolutely gorgeous with its black velvet trim and floral trellis pattern fabric; the skirt has a lovely swish to it too. In fact, after trying it on I decided that it wasn't coming off my back for the rest of the day and wore it out of the shop with my mundane cardie and t shirt consigned to a paper bag! Today, I thought I'd do the dress justice and got Husband to take some photos of it for you, in proper vintage style...

I also managed this week to get hold of a copy of Gert and Daisy's Wartime Cookery Book, which I've been after for a while to add to my cookery book collection. Its full of ration book recipes that I'll have to try out like these...

Sisters Elsie and Doris Waters, a.k.a. 'Gert' and 'Daisy', made their names as variety theatre stalwarts who brought their own indomitable brand of chirpy humour to the British public between the 1930s and 50s. During the war years, their comedy double act as cockneys Gert and Daisy brought many laughs to their home front audiences, so much so that the Ministry of Food enlisted their help to promote food rationing. Not only did the sisters play an important part in keeping up  the public's morale via the BBC and public information films, they were also flown out overseas to entertain the troops. The significance of their wartime efforts were recognised in 1946 when the King awarded them O.B.E.s. The sisters dedicated so much of their lives to comedy and perfoming that neither married; Doris died in 1978 and Elsie in 1990.



  1. Beautiful dress. Do you ever imagine who wore it the first time round and what sort of person they were - one with great taste, of course!

  2. You look smashing! What a great set of finds. Thank you for the introduction to Gert & Daisy too, hadn't come across them before.
    Just enjoying a bit of vintage Margaret Rutherford on TV as Miss Marple in black & white. Superb capes...

  3. It's gorgeous - I love the hem, amazing. And you look brilliant, your hair is fab - I'm rubbish at styles. Can just about manage a 50s ponytail. 'Lumme' is such a great phrase - I may try to introduce it in lieu of swearing loudly when I do something stupid.

  4. Ooooooo you look fabulous!!!!!
    That dress is gorgeous, or Gert Lush as they say round these parts. Where in Stroud is that shop? Is that the one that used to be up by the children's book shop?
    Love your hair too.
    Love Tickety-boo xx

  5. Thanks for all your lovely comments :-)

    Tickety-boo: the shop is at the top end of the High Street opposite the British Heart Foundation charity shop.

  6. Looks lovely such a pretty shape.
    I collect old cookery books as well, there are some great recipes in them. I'm so glad I started collecting years ago have you seen some of the barmy prices on E bay.
    Cate x

  7. You look absolutely stunning, the hair, the fabric, the hem of that dress are just perfect. Your vintage style photos are worthy of Vintage Life magazine.
    My friend works in Cheltenham one day a week, she loves the charity shops but I don't think she's visited that vintage shop so I'll have to let her know. xxx

  8. Beautiful dress and your hair is fabulous.

  9. What a fabulous dress and it looks great all styled up x

  10. A great find! And the hair really suits you.

  11. I have never seen a dress hem like that before, no wonder you couldn't pass it by! Very inspiring indeed, and old recipes are the best!! My grandmas banana and walnut cake is second to none!

  12. I echo everyone else's comments that you look completely beautiful - I'm not sure I would EVER take the dress off if it was mine!

    Now, talk to me about hair. Have you got one of those rolls underneath the fringe and at the sides? I bought a pack of rolls and combs at a Vintage clothes stand at the Festival of History last year but I'm a bit crap with them.

  13. Hi WH, what I did was to curl the front section over towards my forehead with large barrelled curling tongs, then backcomb at the roots. After applying lots of hairspray (Elnett is the best) I smoothed it over and pinned in place. I did a similar thing with the side rolls, rolling them by hand after tonging, into rolls and securing them with grips. Hope this helps.

  14. What a fabulous dress - and you look fabulous in it too.


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