Friday, 10 June 2011

Good Things Come ...

Up until yesterday it had been a very lean time for vintage bargains of any sort. My charity shop browsings over the past couple of weeks had come to nothing and two car boot sales in one day last weekend were both disappointing for the lack of anything interesting.

I love reading about fantastic finds by other bloggers like Vix and Scarlett who attract bargains like moths to a flame, however I was hankering after my own find that makes the heart race. It doesn't have to be of value, but could be something as simple as an old knitting book or a utility ware cup and saucer.

Anyway, on the way home from work yesterday I thought I'd drop into a couple of local charity shops. The first is a Red Cross Bookshop and after making a beeline to my usual shelf found a pile of 1960s Stitchcraft magazines. The heart started to race...20p each? That's my sort of price.

Having a shuffle through the crafts section I also brought a knitting pattern for a child's cardi. The pattern is for a 4 - 6 year old, but that's for a child of the 1940s and I think that Monkeychild is a tad more sturdier than your average vintage child! I also picked up a cute crochet pattern (although I can't crochet!) and a few booklets, including a 'Make Your Own Lampshade' book, which contains some very 1950s looking lampshades. After commenting a couple of weeks ago that I was going to make a shade for the lamp we found at my mother in law's, I started to think that the gods of thrift were starting to smile down on me!!

I love these shades, especially the one on the top left. By the way, doesn't the shade with the bird design look very

The 'Gifts to Make' booklet dates from 1949 and has some lovely little vintage craft projects inside.

On the way out of the bookshop, I spied a pristine 'Twinkle' annual for £2 which I brought for Monkeychild. I used to have the Twinkle comic as a child and loved the stories and illustrations. I still have my own treasured 1973 annual which was a Christmas present, although I have passed this on to Monkeychild who loves having stories read to her about 'Patty Pickle' and 'Nurse Nancy'.

I couldn't believe that my luck was still holding out in the next shop though, when I saw two bundles of sewing patterns. The price tag had '£3 the lot' on it and I presumed it was per bundle. Wrong! It was for all the patterns. Needless to say that I paid my money and went home very happy indeed. Some of the patterns have lost their envelopes, but I found pictures of the original envelopes on the Vintage Patterns Flickr Group.

This weekend Monkeychild and I are off to stay at my parents whilst Husband tackles some d.i.y., so I've saved browsing through my Stitchcraft magazines until then when I can have a relaxing browse through, cuppa in hand, whilst Mum and Dad have a bit of quality time with Monkeychild.

I'm planning to go to another car boot sale on Sunday and am hoping that my run of good luck will carry on into the weekend!

And on that note, I'll wish you all a happy weekend and hope that your boot sale/charity shop browsing will uncover some bargains for you too!

P.S. Blog Award Thanks go to ...

Lakota at Faith Hope and Charity Shopping for my blog award a couple of weeks ago. Thanks Lakota, I really appreciate it.


  1. You did well. I went to a couple of charity shops the other day but found nothing! Think I have to move area!!
    Julie xxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. I mentally squealed when I saw the Twinkle Annual, couldn't do it out loud there are people about!
    Well done on such a fantastic haul.

  3. I can remember buying Twinkle as a little girl. They once gave away a little ring as a gift with it. I wore that little ladybird ring proudly on my finger for ages. I can still remeber buying it from the newsagents and walking home with my lovely ring.


  4. Wow you did do well.Its always sad when we have a treasure finding drought tho.Looks like yours has broken

  5. Twinkle! I was on the cover of the magazine once aged about 4 [do you remember how they used to have colour photos of 4 little girls just above the cover cartoon? That was me! Hence I can say, 'when I was a cover girl...' ;-) ]

    What amazing patterns as well - how lucky are you?

  6. You mean you don't have a Vintage child??? What's wrong with you woman? lol
    Love the bargains! How I loved Twinkle when I was a little girl. I remember I used to ask my Mum to put my ponytail up high like Twinkle's.
    Loving the sewing patterns too particularly drawn to the Hong Kong Phooey stylie gents dressing gown in the middle of the picture. Lmao at the thought of Mr TB in one of those bad boys!!
    Have a lovely chilled weekend.
    Love Tickety-boo

  7. woooo look at all those sewing patterns and magazines! I say the god of thrift were with you, hoping they hang around for the booty on sunday too! I actually went into 2 CS yesterday and left empty handed - please pass the god of thrift back to me when you've finished with him ;o) Scarlett x

  8. What a haul! I'd buy all those and do nothing with them, I know you'll put them to brilliant use and knock up some spectacular creations with Monkeychild.
    I must have had that Twinkle annual, it looks so familiar! xxx

  9. Wowzer, fabulous finds - I'm really envious.

  10. Oooooooooooooooh weeee! That haul was worth waiting for!!!

  11. Didn't you do well, VK! Fabulous haul. Looking forward to seeing your lampshade - what brilliant luck. Oh yes, Twinkle - used to be my favourite mag.

  12. I remember Twinkle!
    My sisters read this (not me!) that and Jackie as I recall.
    What a collection of patterns you hauled in there!!!

  13. "we need aprons for many occasions" - classic! love all those sewing patterns - mum and I would flick through ones like that in the shop, planning what (slightly cringy) ones she was going to make me. no primark in those days! you are definitely on a roll - look forward to seeing what you find at the car boot!

  14. You did do well!

    I was a Twinkle girl too :-)


  15. Thanks for all your lovely comments and its great to know that so many of you read 'Twinkle' too!

    The boot sale was called off today because of the rain, so I'm going to make a start on making a maxi skirt from one of my old patterns.

  16. Twinkle! Sewing patterns! Knitting patterns! How have I just found this post?! Excellent bargains! :)

  17. You give me hope that my luck will turn..! That Twinkle annual sent a shiver down my spine - I used to get that when I was a kid - Nurse Nancy!! Love the lampshades...

  18. The creepiest thing happened today, I was charity shopping and came across a Twinkle annual from 1973! The cover was almost identical and it totally made me think of you haha :)


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