Sunday, 1 May 2011

The Good Life

Today, I've been channelling this classic 1970s BBC sitcom  in more ways than one.

As its been a lovely sunny day, I thought I'd go and put a few hours in on our allotment. We've had it now for about eight years and although it can be a git to maintain at times, I wouldn't want to give it up as its well worth the effort when I can go out and pick fresh vegetables and fruit.

Today, I did a bit of hoeing and raking managing to get the soil to a fine tilth ready to plant some chard and spinach seeds and some lettuce seedlings. I also weeded between the two rows of young peas that I'm keeping undercover with some horticultural fleece to avoid them being pecked to death by the allotment's voracious population of pigeons. And finally, I cranked up the strimmer and attacked the overgrown grass and edged the plot.

As we've had warning letters in the past about our (then) tatty and under-used plot from the management company who run the allotments, I thought I'd make an effort this year to ensure we don't receive any more letters, especially as I've heard from our allotment neighbour that there is a ten year waiting list for a plot!

So, after all that I've had a bath and have glammed myself up as Husband and I are going out for a well-deserved curry tonight.

The second part of my Good Life theme is tonight's vintage 'Lerose' dress that I'm wearing out. Brought for 25p at the local jumble about six years ago, its one of my favourites and I always feel great when I wear it. The Good Life connection? Well, whilst watching a clip of The  Good Life on tv last year, I spied the divine Margo Leadbetter wearing an identical dress! What a super coincidence!

Here's mine:

And here's Margo's (sorry about the picture quality):

Hope you're all having a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend!



  1. Love the dress - I am so envious, where do you live to find such good jumble sales!
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. haha a wonderful post, green fingers with style - a real to the manor born pose too.
    Hope you have a good curry night out

  3. Wow it is identical, well spotted! :)

  4. Great dress - what a bargain. You look fab, channelling your inner Margo! Abby x

  5. That is brilliant - i adore Margot! xx

  6. Ha, ha! That is BRILLIANT! Margot is a classy lady and you look fabulous in that dress! ;)

  7. Lovely dress - I have a green Lerose dress, it was cheap on ebay, but not as much of a bargain as yours!

    We had an allotment for a couple of years, but gave it up last month as we just didn't have the time with Baby Bird!

  8. Well done you on the gardening front, Planting more lavenders, and tomatoes tomorrow morning. Great dress :-)

  9. How wonderful on that dress

  10. I used to love watching The Good Life...and I love your dress. 25p!!

  11. That dress is divine and even better on you than the fabulous Margo.
    Well done on clearing the allotment. I love the idea of growing my own produce but hate all the spadework. xxx


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