Monday, 9 May 2011

Four Newts & a Handbag

Sorry I haven't recently commented on your blogs as much as I'd like to, but I've been putting in some late evenings and early mornings carrying out a great crested newt survey which has eaten into my spare time. However as the survey is now over, things are back to normal. By the way, we didn't find any great crested newts only palmate and smooth newts, but here's a photo of a little cresty that I found during a previous newt survey. Cute isn't he?

"Here's lookin' atcha, kid!"

I have made time for a boot sale and some charity shop browsing though - old habits die hard!

Look at this gorgeous door handle that I picked up at the boot sale for all of 50p! Its so 1950s and I've decided to fit it onto our pantry door once its been repainted.

The boot sale and my recent charity shopping have turned up some colourful kitchenalia finds, starting with these Gaydon Melmex plates which match the cups I have already - you can see one in my blog header;  closely followed by some dinky Little Forks. I love vintage melamine as its so practical, especially with Monkeychild about! There's definately a nostalgic thing about Melmex too, as we used to have a brown set in our 1970s family caravan, some of which I still have and use on our camping hols.

The plates cost £1 and the Little Forks £1.75

I've had one of these ceramic Nutbrown rolling pins on my wishlist for a while now and found this one lurking on a back shelf in the charity shop. I nabbed it straight away and paid £2.50 for it. The woman on the till even admired it and there might have been a tiny bit of "I wish I saw that first" going on! The jug is also a chazza shop buy, as I couldn't resist those roses.

I also fed my Beryl ware addiction by buying some more dishes for a couple of quid:

This patent leather and suede lined handbag was a boot sale buy that I snapped up for £1; the boot saler had a few Mrs Thatch jokes lined up for that one!

These handbags remind me of those wielded by the grannies who would charge the ring and the bash the stars of Saturday afternoon television wrestling in the 1970s and 80s like Kendo Nagasaki and Giant Haystacks, with their handbags - classic family viewing. Mind you, if the sharp corners of my handbag are anything to go by, a sound handbag thwack from one of those grannies must have hurt like hell, especially if it made contact with bare flesh.

As Lakota commented on the chocolate machine in the above photo, I thought I'd post a proper photo of it. Husband brought it years ago at the long departed (sob!) Gloucester Cattle Market car boot sale; it was love at first sight and he just had to have it. We've found that Club biscuits fit it perfectly and we've also accumulated a stash of old 10p coins to work it with too.


  1. You did well! Mum had a set of those little forks. I have a NutBrown rolling pin, I use mine all the time! I was told off for using it by friend. She said I couldn't use antiques for cooking! Look out for the large bowls that look like those bowls, they are the size of a dinner plate, I don't think I mentioned the large bowls when I told you about the pieces mum had in the complete service. Mum always served winter casserole and dumplings in them! Love the handle and the handbag.
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  2. I'm a sucker for the little forks, I've got four sets so far and so much melamine I need another four campervans. Brilliant buys, love the door handle and the newt is adorable. xxx

  3. Don't know which I'm more jealous of - your door handle or the fact that you have a pantry! The rolling pin is lovely, and please don't tell me you have a chocolate machine?? Yes, great handbag - remember Giant Haystacks well - but a chocolate machine? Do tell!

  4. I love newts! Yep, that's a cute chap.
    Nutbrown rolling pins are like hens teeth these days...mine used to belong to my grandma.
    Your chocolate machine is you remember them outside shops and at train stations?
    Yep the wrestling loving grannies...I used to go and see the wrestling with my granddad when we were in Blackpool and the front row was always filled with them! They all loved Big Daddy!

  5. I like the rolling pin, from what year is that?
    I no newt about newts to be honest but I think such surveys are important work.

    PS Judas Priest's new line up

  6. That door handle is genius. So is the chocolate biscuit machine.

  7. Oh v jealous of the door handle - just fabulous! And serious I think im in love - a chocolate machine!!!! Hell yeah! Scarlett x

  8. Superb door handle! My Aunt had one like that on her pantry too - I'd forgotten all about it until seeing your photo! :)

  9. Love, love, love that door handle you found.

  10. Your newt survey sounds most intriguing. Love your finds especially the door handle. I need to have a chocolate machine NOW!

    I saw some of those forks in the charity shop recently going for a song and I didn't buy them. Grrrrr.

  11. Oh man I was all over the doorhandle and then I saw the chocolate machine! What a great thing to own, I'm a bit jealous right now! :)


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