Monday, 11 April 2011

New Finds & Green Shoots

Firstly, I'd like to thank Jayne and everybody involved in organising the Spring Vintage & Handmade Fair held in Chipping Sodbury on Saturday. I had a great time mooching around all the beautifully displayed stalls and recognising other bloggers, especially the delightful Henhouse whose stall was a veritable burst of colour and pattern.

Well, with all that temptation about what did I buy? I started with a magazine rack which after a freshen up with a couple of coats of paint, will be put to use in the bathroom to hold Husband's ham radio magazines and my knitting and interiors ones.

Four Woods Ware Beryl bowls...

...and a little vintage toy elephant, which Monkeychild has taken with her to show her friends today so I'll have to show you that at a later date.

The charity shop finds have been very sparse this week, only turning up the 1980s Suzy Smith bag in the below photo (I'm wearing the black charity shop dress that I brough a few month ago)...

...and a Ladybird book about railways. Actually, I was very pleased to find the latter as it gave me a great birthday present idea for two little brothers that I know who love trains and anything to do with railways. I brought two plain photo frames and placed in each the best pictures from the book (although I hate the idea of cutting up books, my Ladybird was a 1970s copy so I didn't feel too bad about that!). I think the finished result looks really nice and will give a little vintage touch to their bedrooms.



And finally, here's a sight to bring joy to a gardener's heart: a couple of weeks after sowing, this warm weather has encouraged my mixed salad leaves, radish and spring onions to sprout their green shoots. At last, summer is on its way!

Make Do & Mend in action: an old bath that we found at the bottom of the wilderness that was our 'garden' when we moved in years ago, makes an ideal planter


  1. The train piccies look fab - bet they'll love them. And that bath makes a great salad bed. There was an old tatty enamel bread bin in our garden when we moved in so I drilled holes in it yesterday and now it has sweet peas in. Love the magazine rack too.

  2. Darn it! I forgot that it was it the Vintage & Handmade Fair. Grrr.
    Brilliant idea about the Ladybird book...they look great framed :)

  3. Brilliant idea with the train prints, they look ace.

    Love the old bath. My Mum has a smaller one she spotted when she was at the rubbish tip and managed to persuade one of the guys who worked there to climb in and get it out for her!

  4. Brilliant idea with the Ladybird book. You have done well in the charity shops.
    Julie xxxxxxx

  5. Lucky you to get to Chipping Sodbury ... I did have a good laugh at Sal's write-up on the event. I usually bypass tatty Ladybird books but this year will grab them if the pics inside can be re-used .... brilliant idea for a railway enthusiast. x

  6. Yup, I have to say that the idea of framing Ladybird book prints is a good one. I've also seen bunting made from similar. Love, love, love the mag rack.

  7. Hello again,
    It was lovely to meet you, thanks for saying hello. The frames look great. You can always photocopy/scan and print the pictures if you don't want to destroy the book, I did this with some pictures from the Ladybird book about Cpwboys for the Munchkin's room.
    Hen x

  8. when i read you were cutting up the lady bird book - i wanted to shout nooooooooo. but then i saw the result.... and thought yyyeeeessssssss! x

  9. Ooh love the crafting, I may like railways all of a sudden... Hey you have an award from me! :)

  10. You have an award from me too!! Sal x

  11. Foof & SG - thank you both for my awards :-) I shall write a post about them soon.

  12. Thanks for the tip off about the vases, I may therefore keep hold of them for a bit before selling them on! Its been a fun love it/hate it post :o) Scarlett x

  13. Ladybird books were a joy as a child. The illustrations and variety of subjects too

  14. Hi! I found you searching for Beryl! It is my absolute fave! I'm waiting for the last of my modern dishes to chip so that I can pull the Beryl out of the stock in the shop and take it home!


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