Wednesday, 26 January 2011

We've all been there...

...I shook him she took him (now I want him back again blues)- I thought the title of this song very redolent of those teenage years!

I picked up this old songsheet the other day primarily for the song title and the great period illustration, which I thought will look good framed. I love their costumes and the haughty look on the flapper's face.

Unfortunately I can't read music, but I found the lyrics very funny:

All my friends they tell me just how crazy I am
They say I shouldn't worry so about one man
I will admit he hasn't got a handsome face
I don't think he's connected with the human race
His back looks like the mountain
Got a caved in chest
One eye keeps lookin' east the other lookin' west
He wears a number 'leven shoe, his feet are flat
A sixteen shirt and collar and a fourteen hat
The one who said love was blind they sure do win
I guess I was crossed-eyed when I fell for him

The cover mentions a Sophie Tucker and although I can't find her singing this particular song, it sounds like comedy songs were here forté.


  1. Sophie Tucker was absolutely brilliant! If you haven't heard anything by her, do try to find some. She used to sing very risque songs.

  2. That's hilarious! I love the songsheet, it's beautiful and most definately frame-worthy. xxx

  3. OMG the gendarmes with embroidered pants line! I wonder what she had to say about French women. Love the illustration. xoxoxox

  4. The old song sheets are great aren't they. Julie xxxxx

  5. Ooooh! Will look lovely in a frame!

  6. That song sheet's great - I haven't heard of that before!

  7. Sophie is indeed brilliant! There must be lots of her stuff on YouTube. And if you like risqué, see if you kind find Bette Middler telling jokes about 'Soph': they are more outrageous still!

  8. Doh! I meant to say, 'see if you can find' in the comment above. Fingers and brain in a tangle as usual.

  9. Thanks for all your comments and Mr. W - I'll definately look for Bette Midler's jokes on Youtube


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