Friday, 21 January 2011

To the victor belong the spoils...

 ...of the jumble sale.

I went on the spur of the moment to a jumble last weekend and getting there early to take a place at the front of what turned out to be a very long queue paid off. Take a look  at what I found on the linen stall...

...some vintage 1960s Heal's material with a large teasel design by Jane Daniels. In fact its the top section of what was once a very wide (3.5m) curtain. Its a shame that its been cut up otherwise it would have been one of my best ever jumble finds. I've given it a wash and reckon that after unpicking the curtain hook thingy at the top (technical huh?), I'll have enough to make some decent sized cushions - unless anyone can think of something else to do with it? On the same stall I brought an embroidered tablecoth too, which has a very pretty crocus design.

 I also found this Phoenix ware bowl, which is rather similar to Pyrex. After a bit of web research I found an interesting site which provides some history to the brand.

In the scuffle on the crockery stall I managed to grab to lovely floral jug (I did hear some huffing behind me as soon as my eager paw wrapped itself around the handle!). The jug's got a large chip to the base, but its easily hidden and otherwise perfect; just right for a bunch of spring flowers.

On the crafting front, I've completed a skirt for Monkeychild with material from my stash and that leftover from the bag  I made last year. The only thing I had to buy was some purple velvet ribbon for the drawstring waist, onto which I've sewn some vintage buttons onto to stop it from getting pulled back into the waistband. I've made it long enough to make sure she gets plenty of wear out of it and its been well received by its wearer!


  1. I am a jumble sale virgin! I have never been to one! On account of never actually finding one locally. Boo hiss!

    I love the fact that people huffed at you. Ha ha ha! Should have been quicker then shouldn't they!

    As for the fabric.... hmmmmmm.. I was going to say some sort of shirt - but from the looks of it - it might not be wide enough? Or what about a draught excluder? Or weave it into a patchwork something or other?

  2. So many gorgeous things. The jug is stunning and I love that material. Lots of it to make several cushions. Or a table runner type thingy?

  3. Ahh Jumble sales....
    I have always maintained that if you see some of the women you get at jumble sales in action you understand why mankind as a race has survived! Vicious is the word that springs to mind, but yes, if you are prepared to elbow and shove with the best of them there are some amazing bargains to be had.

    That fabric is gorgeous. Oh and my mother had a whole dinner service of that bowl's design as a wedding present. Infact she and my brother still use the bowls today, she gave him some when he first left home. We always assummed they were Pyrex, so there you go. :-)

  4. Great Jumble sale finds. I would make cushions of various sizes and a draft excluder to or perhaps cut into large squares and re join it and make it into a throw. The jug is stunning.

    I was once knocked flying by a little old lady at a jumble sale who appeared out of no-where, she also missed the item she wanted because someone else grabbed it - no it wasn't me either.
    Julie xxxxxxx

  5. What great finds. I think the Heal's fabric would have to be my favourite and there's plenty of it to play with.


  6. Wow! You win at jumble sales.

    If you wanted to make the Heals Fabric longer Vertically, you could try either cutting it and putting matching blue fabric as horizontal stripes between the pieces, or simply putting the teasel fabric on the bottom of matching blue curtains.

  7. I love a good jumble sale but they don't seem to have them here anymore,you bagged some good things :)
    Cate x

  8. Thanks for all your comments and ideas - you've given me plenty to think about instead of going for the usual cushion option. I like the throw idea and I hadn't thought of making it longer with the matching blue fabric.

    I have to admit that I did feel very satisfied when I heard that huffing sound - I do think jumble sales are very much about the thrill of the chase. And as those old ladies - I reckon they increase their intake of Phyllosan and fortified wine in the weeks before the jumble to improve their jostling and elbowing stamina levels!

  9. You've got me all excited about tomorrow morning's jumble sale next week, now!
    That teasle fabric is ravishing, I'd be tempted to make monkeychild something so it can be admired by everyone (perhaps a skirt trim or a pump bag). That jug's gorgeous, too. You can't beat a bit of granny-baiting can you? xxx

  10. Pump-bag - now that's an idea, she's just started ballet so that could hold all her dancing stuff. Granny-baiting - LOL!! I know exactly what you mean.

  11. Cor Blimey, what a smashing piece of teasel fabric! I quite like it left draped on the stairs..I'm sure you'd all get used to stepping over it on a daily basis. (Must have been a week for vintage tablecloths.) Well done once again Hawkeye !

  12. Amazing teasel fabric, and I collect pyrex too, very interesting reference site.

  13. Aw, very cute skirt! Love the bargains, especially that jug, makes me think of spring... :)

  14. Lovely fabric - well done! I love jumble sales!! Like the jug too :)

  15. Gorgeous teasel fabric -I think you should back the cushions with another fabric and make a bag too so the world can see it!

  16. Also - I have just nomintated you for an award. Accept or decline, depending on your stand on these sorts of things...

  17. More great comments and ideas - thank you!

    LandGirl1980 - thank you also for the blog award, which I shall happily accept :-)


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